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Good morning, everybody. I want to call this article, Life is a play it act. Here's What I mean about that. If you think about life in its essence, Life is a play, in which there's millions and billions and billions of characters. Every play is got a character, they've got a main character, they got supporting characters supporting, supporting, the list goes on. And before we came into this world, each and every one of us agreed to be a character. Okay, to play a play to play a part in this experience called life. We agreed to be pilots and mechanics and law enforcement officers and doctors and teachers and homeless people, and poor people. All this, we all agree to this, before we came here, we agreed to these parts. And once we got here, We entered those parts. And now it's nothing about nothing more than experiencing in those parts, experiencing what it was like to be a doctor, a lawyer, a homeless person. And folks is can be the good people, and also the bad people. We all know the chorus villains, very, very bad people, as we call them in the past and in the current. But understand, Somebody had to play that part. Somebody agreed to play that villainous part, to be not such a nice person. But somebody had to play that part, In a way, in some sense of a way, We should thank them for playing that part. Because then we didn't have to baby. Somebody stepped up to the plate and said, I'll be that villain. I'll play that part. And I'll be experience, and I'll get all the experiences, about how to what it's like to be a villain. So somebody had to play that part. And they did. So life is the plan. And understand this. In this play, we call life. You do not succeed and fail, It's impossible to fail. Because your mission is to do only one thing and one thing only. And that is experience, Your character part in this big thing called a play. I was talking to someone the other day, She's gonna run a marathon for the first time in a couple of days, and she was all nervous about it. Well, it'll be people watching me, they'll be this, they'll be that. But if I don't make it all the way, I says, Listen, understand this, You can't fail. It's impossible for any of us to fail. In any endeavor we do. If we do it to the best of our abilities, We've learned from it we have succeeded. This passing failing thing is a self implied, man made construct where were assigned numbers and letters and pass or fail. We did that man did that. Not not life, Life is impossible to fail it All you have to do is be present. In experience, It's impossible to fail, man started saying Well, we're going to put an arbitrary number on this. And if it's not this high, yet failed, Okay? So understand. It's something like that, where you're going to go out and run a marathon or whatever, you can't fail. It's impossible to fail. Just experience, experience, the joy experience the event, And you've passed, you cannot fail in life. And more and more people have to understand this. And the depression and the unhappiness will go down tremendously. You can't fail in this life. You can only play your part your character that you've been that you elected to play before you came here. As long as you are in that character and you're experiencing what it's like to be in that character. It's a win win situation, you can't fail. So if you can think of that next time, you're worried about something you worried about failing something or not doing the best you can if you do the best you can, The matter what the outcome is you want, because you can't fail in life. play your part. Enjoy your part. Understand your part, live here part. Live. Understand, feel the emotions because that's what you're here for. You agreed to play that part we all did. In this huge thing. called life.
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