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Morning folks, 30 degrees here today I hope your day is wonderful. This podcast maybe relatively short I may have touched on it. In other articles they're getting to be so many I can't keep track of them. I made double it up, if not I may create a special one but it's gonna be called is land ownership or real. This is something that we can really own in our lives. And when we think about ownership we think about getting something from somebody else. Let's say we went to a store and somebody was making moccasins. And I wanted the pair of moccasins that they worked and toiled to make, I would give them a form of currency or barter or whatever it is something of equal trade. I will give it to them, they will give me those moccasins those moccasins then become property of mine. No question about that. Things like that are yours. But let's get into this homeownership and land ownership thing a little bit and think about it. Let's say you currently own a home on a per parcel of land, and you've got a mortgage through a bank. And what you're going to pay for the rest of your life. In reality. What right does the bank have to own your home because they own that home until your mortgage is paid off. And then the state owns the home forever, and we'll talk about that. But what right do they have to claim anything, as there's. When the land, the water, the mountains, the air is everyone's to share. No one person or no one entity can own anything. But where did this all start. I guess if you look back hundreds of years, the home and the property that you're sitting in somebody was a pioneer and they drove up and they drove a stake in the ground and they said, I hereby claim this for me. Although they never had the right to do that. Because, again, all the land, all the water all the air is everybody's. So they never had the right to say this is hereby mine. And then it progressed as years went on to where they would sell something which they really didn't have the right to own in the very beginning. So that settler would say, you know what, I'll sell you 20 acres of this land that I've driven a steak on and said it was mind, I'll sell it to you. But he didn't have the right to do that from the very beginning because it wasn't his to sell it was everyone's, but somebody bought it. They fed into the narrative. And we all have. And as time went on, these parcels became more and more expensive and people didn't have the capital to, to just give up for it so they went to the bank. Now the bank got their greedy hands into the big picture. So when you go to get a 30 year mortgage or 15 or whatever it is, the bank owns your home until that mortgage is paid off. Bottom line, cut and clear, you don't pay your mortgage the bank comes and repossessed is your home. How can a bank repossessed something that they don't really own that we all own, how can they come in and take something away from you. That is really not theirs in the very first place. I got a problem with that. But they do it. And they're doing it all the time. So let's say you're fortunate enough to get this home paid off. You double up on your payments, because you don't want to be paying a mortgage anymore, that's all well and done. Okay, so the house is yours free and clear, not the house will never be yours free and clear. Never. Okay, stop paying your real estate taxes for a year and see what happens to your free and clear house, you lose it yet again, another second way me. So the state owns the property your home sits on all the time. What gave the state the right to own that property in the first place. Did they drive a stake, I hereby claim it as mine. When everyone should own the property. Everyone should own the lakes, the mountains the streams the forest etc, we all own it. What gave them the right, years and years ago to claim ownership of land. No one should have the right to claim ownership of land. This is my property stay off. I own this property I own 40 acres, we all own it. And, yeah, I have a home sure I do you know it's it's what we all strive to get right. But when we start inter mixing the bank in the picture when they have no right. No right. If you for Khloe if you didn't make a payment on your on your loan for a home, they have no right to be able to step in and take that away from you because they don't own it, and you really don't own it. But you're homesteading on it so you're there, so you should be able to stay there. And then when that loans paid off. What state has the right to come in and say, This is my land because essentially the state owns all the land in all the states, no one can own the ground. So what are you paying for 50 acres for when you really don't ever and never will own it. What are you paying for. Why are you paying taxes. Why for something you don't really own doesn't make sense to me. Why do I gotta pay taxes for something I can never own. See, this is the double edged sword. This is the cat chasing its tail, just some things to think about to get you stirred up about. And I'm going to stop talking. So thank you.