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Hello folks.

Hi. I hope everything is going good with you today.
Yes, I'm in a different venue, you can see the backdrop is changed, I'm at a different location. My favorite swing outside, and I'll try not to swing too much as I present this video to you. So welcome everybody I know it's been a while. I'm creating this video for a specific purpose. If you are new to my website, Mitch Meyer calm, you'll notice that I put a pop up on there which basically says cool vid 19 is a hoax. I wanted to explain that a little bit so everybody didn't think I was just a kook. Okay, so here's my explanation of what I really mean by that. First thing you have to do is think rationally and reasonably. Okay. You know the old saying if it looks like a duck. It quacks like a duck chances are it's a duck. Well, so same thing applies here.

If it sounds like it's a hoax. They present data which looks like a hoax, chances are it's a hoax. And here's what I mean about hoax do I believe the core Cove hit 19 virus exists. Yes. But I do believe it's not a deadly global pandemic by virus it's strictly a strain of the flu, it's been proven that the flu virus folks kills more than this virus does. And it's going to. But it's a very catchable virus in other words it propagates very very fast. Probably faster than the flu. Good.

Let's stop and look at some of this rationally.And the entire narrative is being run by the mainstream media. Okay, if you sit at home and you believe and get your news and your information and trust the mainstream media narrative, chances are you're wrong. Because most of it is hype, and fear for no reason whatsoever. Here's a few examples. CBS, ABC whoever they are, all of them are fake news I hate to use that term, they will tell you how the lines at this hospital in New York and I forget the name of it, the lines go around the block, people are standing for days to get tested in lines. And then you're going to get a citizen journalist, and I've seen these videos you need to do the research for yourself that go to that hospital. Take a picture by movie of an empty hospital, nobody there no lines, no people, one person in the waiting room. And this just didn't happen to one hospital United States, people around the country we're doing the exact same thing and the supposedly hotspots. Another catch me term hotspot. Okay. So, if it looks like a hoax It smells like a hoax.

Chances are,it is a hoax.Why would they be telling you the hotspots they're lined up around the world. They're everywhere there's no reason there's no one there. This is even happening overseas there was a citizen journalist who did a video on a testing center that was supposedly packed to the gills and standing remotely. She went there and it was empty. There was no one there not even doctors and nurses, an empty tent structure. What if a smells like a hoax sounds like a hoax. It's probably is a hoax. This is what I mean Colvin 19 is a hoax. And if you look at this into the larger perspective. Okay, isn't a strange how this is put out during an election year. And now, the powers to be the do nothing democrats are going to push measures to see if our president applied himself properly. Let's look at another avenue another part of this. There is, there was some good journalists on TV. And when they voiced their opinion that this was 100%, political, they were fired. Her name was Trish Regan on Fox News. All right, remember that broadcast this kovat 19. I didn't want to call it a pandemic because that's fear porn. But this cool vid 19 illness was designed for one reason and one reason only to dethrone Donald Trump. That's it. They tried impeachment. They tried the Russian hopes they tried everything. This is their last straw. now you ask yourself, Well, if it. If it isn't real. If it isn't as bad as they say what are we doing being locked into our homes, not. I use that term loosely. Well, think about it, if we were all still gathering in groups or going to school, going to college is going to churches. Okay, if we were still there.

What do you think would probably happen.

Yes, mass shooting a bomb something were to be a lot of deaths. So what better way to protect his people, than to tell them to stay home until he gets it routed out. Now I want to throw one thing else in there. All right, that you're not going to hear in the mainstream media. And this is in excuse me, as I pronounce this word it's hard for me, hydroxychloroquine. Okay, the drug that was used for 50 years for malaria,rheumatoid arthritis and, and lupus disease. You do your research, then you will find numerous, if not hundreds of doctors who have been using it with Colvin 19 patients, and the success rate, folks. Listen to me now is 100%. Now, you ask yourself. I didn't hear about that and you're not going to do your research. Do your research on the internet and you will find out about it. Why aren't they telling me about that. Come on people. Put on that thinking cap, because they don't want you to know there's a cure out there. They want you to remain in fear. That's what they want. They run the fear porn media. And that's all the media is putting out. The minute I hear these three words, I turn the TV off. Global deadly pandemic off down. I know right down in there. That who's ever doing this on whatever channel it is and there's not many of them will never give me the truth because number one, it is global. It is not deadly. It kills less than the flu did and why aren't they propagating that.

Okay.And it's not deadly, there is a cure for it. So why don't we hear about that here. Why aren't they saying you know what folks, go back to your daily lives. Do what you need to do. Sure, social distancing and shaking hands, I'm okay with that I always have been. But we got a cure for America, go back to work. Why are they telling us that they don't want you there. They want you to remain in fear and uncertainty. And that's how they survive.

Now behind the scenes.A lot of things are going on,which we're going to find out about shortly. This has nothing to do with this video but I'm gonna put it out there to prepare for three days of darkness folks Internet's off TVs off phones are off. And the only thing that's gonna work is Emergency Broadcast System. And our president will get information out during that do not fear. Do not run like Chicken Little and start screaming this guy is falling. Three days of darkness will come up, they are on the way. And when they happen. Butter through. Okay. But if it sounds like a hoax. It feels like a hoax. Yeah, I'm sorry are it's a hoax. And there's so many hoaxes out there so much did disinformation being told to us right now. You need to do your research, you need to turn that television off. Go to the internet search through YouTube videos. I'm not saying they're all truthful. But if, out of all of them, let's say, 99.9% of them are saying the same thing, chances are, that's the truth when someone walks by a hospital filming it. And there's no one there, chances are, that's the truth, especially if there's a dozen or two or 100 of them out there. Listen to the doctors to say we've got a cure. Right now, listen to them that are out there. You will never get them on the fake news. Never. And all the news channels are the same. So start thinking for yourself and I've been saying this all along. Turn that you can watch the tube, but just don't believe anything you see on it. So what's useful watching it in reality. Use your brain. Use what God gave us. Hopefully everybody. Use your discernment, do your research. And don't be spoon fed. Any reality figured out for yourself.

Okay. So, peace out. Talk to you later.