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Good morning, folks.
I hope everyone is well and doing fine.

Been a while since I put out a podcast but let's start this one I want to call this one that I haven't ever touched. Climate change is a hoax. And I want to explain that and I want to go on a couple small little tangents a little sidebars as we go on. So excuse me as I do that, that there's some things out there that are important, but they don't want a whole podcast, but I want to mention them. First of all, climate change is a hoax. 100% is that it's a designed rhetoric by the Cabal to get people to believe that our we're destroying our climate, we're living in scarcity instead of abundance. There's not enough of this we need more things are being destroyed is to drive a narrative. Okay, it's to get you. Here's one of those sidebars driving a electric car. What is an electric car? Well, it's a car run by batteries. Are they useful? Maybe.

But what is your real goal to pushing these electric cars? Zero Carbon missions? Bullshit. Nothing to do with that. Okay?

They're not practical. You just no place to keep powered up. They start on fire. But here's your reason they want you in an electric car. It's simple, so they can shut it off whenever they want. They want to keep you in a boundary and your electric car will not go outside of this grid fence. It'll shut down. Right now we have free realm when going anywhere. But if they can get you into one of these green carbon friendly vehicles, they then can shut it down at their whim. And that's what I want to say about electric cars. Getting back to climate change. Climate change does not exist. Okay. They're trying your best to make it exist because you're trying to push agendas. Here's another agenda they've been pushing, okay. And it's kind of tied in with the climate change lists. Remember the term quote unquote, fossil fuels.

That term is wrong.

Our fuel does not come from fossils by by naming it fossil fuels, it immediately again, creates the idea of scarcity in the users mind all the way you have so many dinosaurs that died and eventually it's gonna run out. And that's what they want you to think they want us to live in a world of scarcity, not abundance. Here's another example. Fossil fuels will never deplete. It's zero. Its blood. It'll be it's never gonna go away. But they want you to believe it will. Okay, that's why the and they'll jack up the price to $5 a gallon or whatever it is, to get you believing it's a scarcity. We need to drive electric vehicles because we're running. We're not just like we're not changing the climate. It is not changing. Global warming is not happening, although there's many false flags that they're doing to try to push that narrative. Okay. The climate is as it always has been, and the climate will be always as it will be, no matter how many people there is are on this planet. No matter how many cars are driving and electric, no matter how many gas stoves are being used, and no matter how many cars are farting, okay. It's not going to affect Mother Earth. Gaia has climate. She can react to it. She can work with it. She can manipulate it and she has for eons. It is not changing the ice caps are not melting. Sure they might melt. But if you look at the cyclic cycle, it happens every 100 years, 200 years or whatever it is. It's all tied to the solar flares and solar Max and all this kind of stuff, which we don't want to get into but understand, like everything. There is a reasoning. There is a push behind this climate change effort. They want to get us to a place and understanding where they want to get us will, you know it'll, it'll blow their narrative away. And that's what you need. To do and not take everything you hear as truth because, folks, another article, almost everything. If not everything is false. It's all a lie. Okay. Climate change is no exception. Climate change is a lie. Don't get fooled. By the narrative. Don't be worried about the sky falling and because it's not going to happen. So Namaste, everybody. Open your minds. Open your hearts.

Ask questions about everything. Goodbye.