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Good morning, everyone, or afternoon, wherever you are. I hope things are going well for you and that your day is fine. I would like to start this podcast off and a let's call it oh to say the best professional sports are rigged.

It's all a fracking joke.

That is it's all rigged. It's all geared there is no you got a chance to win. It's the old adage, you know, they know who's gonna win, how they're gonna win ahead of time. Maybe the players don't, but those that control it, ie the refs do. And it's becoming blatantly obvious to some of the calls and the things they're making. But let's digress for a bit. Let's talk about sports from the very beginning. Okay. I never I did enjoy football once in a while. But then once I became awake to it and realized that it was all all a show, my mind changed but but why? Why is there so many people and there is a lot of people that enjoy football, if it's in you know, in Europe or football if it's in the United States. Sure they enjoy it because they it gives them a place to vent. I don't want to say aggressions but event themselves. And of course, you know, the powers to be got a hold of that scheme and that idea and got into the ticket business. They knew what they had to do and how they had it promoted to get people interested in it's like gambling, okay, it's no different than gambling. Okay, you're designed to lose money. The minute you walk into a casino it's made that way. You're not going to become a rich billionaire at least the odds are extremely, extremely low. Okay. But it's the same as gambling is designed to do one thing, okay. And you got to ask, get money out of your pocket, and you've got to ask yourself, How can we afford to pay somebody $10 million a year to catch a ball? Yeah, I know. There's not a lot of them doing it. The markets low, but how can they afford those kinds of salaries? Even in basketball, how can they afford the salaries? Well, we don't have they can do that. They packed the stadium seat prices, they get money from the seat prices and then they rigged the game to keep you interested in it. To keep you watching to keep you coming back. And here's one that really really astounds me, and I don't understand the reason behind this. Let's talk about the W W F once. Okay, packed arenas, at least that's what it shows. Or again, we see this on the tube and it could be wrong. But let's say the arena's are packed at X amount per seat. You all know every one of you know that this is a rigged game. And they all know who's gonna win ahead of time because they talk about it in the locker room before they come out. But yet you still keep your attention span on it. You pay money to go see it and matter of fact, if media is correct, those seats are packed people. I don't understand this. If it's blatantly showing you it's a rigged game. Why are you watching it? There is no well maybe they'll win maybe they'll lose. It's our done deal. And professional sports in general are like that. It's a done deal. They know who to promote to keep the most Incubus going to make the most money to keep people you know, wearing somebody else's jersey with somebody else's name on your back. I mean it look at some of these people. They're just at the game. They are alive down there. They are. ridiculous, ridiculous. They lose all sense of credibility and they become animals. And maybe that's one of the reasons that they are promoting games to keep people's animalistic instinct instincts heightened. So they become animals, they start fighting, they start throwing things at players, like some guy did the other day. But I didn't understand how could a sport like the WW II or effort z or x or whatever it's called now, when you know, they've already decided before they walk out who's gonna win? Why would you want to go watch that? Well, the same thing is about, let's say football in the United States. These these refs know who are going to win. They know the calls. They've got to make, and they make them and I believe, and it's just my belief, but more and more is coming out listen to the old packers quarterback, and he's saying the same thing that this is a rigged sport. And it's not just this, it's all of it. And the whole idea I think, is to number one, get money out of your pocket. Number two, keep you at a heightened sense of heightened sense of awareness. In other words, agitated, mad because your team didn't make it or happy because your team did. But yet people keep paying astronomical amounts to go to these rigged games. I won't even watch them on TV, which by the way, you've got to pay for to if you want to watch them on TV that used to be free over the air. You see it all comes down to money. Well, everything does. And then they must be making a lot of money if they can afford to play you know, to pay their peers five $6 million a year to catch a ball. Yeah, I know. It's a hard thing. I know people get hurt and I realized that what I want to do it No, I didn't do it. But because it doesn't make sense to me. The watching it doesn't make sense to me when I know it's already a done deal. It's already been talked about who's getting Super Bowl is already done. They got a winner. Okay, it's not gonna be a chance game of who's the better team, they've gotten a winner. And if they can pull it off, that winner will win. That I would imagine a few times they you know, they get skunked where they can't make a flagrant call it without being overturned. And I would imagine a few times that happens, but I think in general, they've got this thing pre planned before it even happens. Just like everything else in our world has been. So people, you know, do what you want. I don't care what you I wish we didn't what you watch that's your choice. I'm just saying open your eyes to the possibility that this like almost everything else in our life has been rigged.