Cat's and Dog's
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Hello folks. I'm going to create a new article, and the articles to inspire you to think and it's going to be called dogs and cats. And that was a sitting at a picnic area. Looking at dogs two cats playing with each other. I want to throw this idea out there and get you to think about IQ remember when I was child. That was a while ago.
  Some of you that are younger may not remember this, but I do remember this. Dogs used to hate cats. That's just the way it was. When a dog would see a cat, he take off after that cat. More likely he chased that cat up a tree, and I'd have to go up there and get the cap.
  It just happened, period, because we always knew. Dogs hated cats. So, dogs chased cats. And I'm sure people couldn't remember these times. Well what's happened.
  Dogs and cats no longer chase one another, they sleep together. So what happened that someone say that a dog a dog, catch your friend. No use chasing him anymore. No.
  But as we, the older generation started becoming less and less than the younger generation started coming in their ideas started transforming the overall philosophy. They became more and more receptive and more and more open to the idea that dogs and cats can live together in harmony. And guess what happened.
  The collective again dogs and cats now live in harmony.
  It wasn't a conscious effort by the dog and say well I'm going to stop chasing cats from here on out. It didn't happen that way. But it did happen. Something happened something changed.
  And I say what changed, was the overall mentality, the collective I'll refer to that collective mentality because, as the older people. Me, started becoming less and less. The majority and more and more the minority, those younger people came up with new ideas, and in their world. Dogs didn't chase cats. They live together, and we can see this on YouTube videos dogs, taking care of cat litters cats taking care of dog litters The list goes on. But for the older folks. I can explicitly remember when they did not happen dog was I was the enemy of a cat and when they saw one another they just took off. So collective synergy.
  That's what we have. It's a perfect example of what we can do as the human mind gets together, and as a collective starts thinking in a way, our methodology, and it becomes true. Again, what you think is going to happen. I talked about addictions a little while ago. If you think you're going to be addicted, you're going to be. If you think you're going to have these symptoms, you're going to have them.
  But I thought the dogs and cats was pretty neat. Because, again, that one rang home for me because I remember going that many trees to save cats that have been chased up there by a dog.
  So with that being said, folks. Dogs and cats. Have a good one. Bye.