No "I" in Team Artist name
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Good morning.
  Today's going to be a little different article, than normal.
  Because there are some positive points I want to bring out what I've just witnessed. I was down to the park and I witnessed a whole bunch of young kids or five six years old and their green shirts on playing on a soccer team. And I started thinking about the term team.
  Remember the old saying there is no I in team. Well, that's right. There is no I in team.
  There is no individualism amongst every one of us as much as society, the media school and everything wants to portray to keep us divided into individuals. We're all one team, and that team is called the human race.
  society tries to their hardest to pigeonhole each and every one of us and make us believe that we're individuals by the way we speak. The color of our skin. The way we dress, our religion, what we eat, where we go, the list goes on and on. They try their hardest and they've done a pretty good job. Because a lot of people really believe that we're all individuals, and we're all different. When in reality, we're no different at all, we are all the same. We are the same spark the same. We are one and the team mentality shows that it brings it together it creates with the team wins than the team, everybody on that team wins.
  And that's the whole idea. If we could get together as a society as a race and become that team, and realize that we are not individuals, we're not alone. We're not separate. We're not different. We're all exactly the same and we're on the same team guys and girls. We're on the human race team.
  So I want to put this out I'm going to call this article, there is no I in team, because I do like the idea of team play. It gives young, young kids. The idea that you wouldn't lose as a team. When we're going to win or lose as a human race as a team. And that's what we need to get together. So let's try stopping the brainwashing and the mentality that each and every one of us is unique in individual it were essentially we're all the same. We are one.