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Good morning, folks. Yes, I'm outside and I'm doing my daily walk. And yes, the leaves are still changing. But I thought of another good talking point. This may be rather short. But this is going to be called why inheritance is bad. We've all seen it, inheritance is something that your family, your father, your mother pass on to you and you pass on to your kids etc etc etc. And I want to talk explicitly about businesses, money, etc. and why it's bad. You know why people work their whole life to save hundreds of thousands of dollars to pass away and give it on to their children, or work their whole life building an empire a nice company, and die and pass it on to their children, and why this is a bad thing. Well, people are going are you. If you're undecided of receiving. You're out of your mind. Now my father just gave me $3 million dollars after he passed away. How can that possibly be bad, or I just became CEO of a company My father worked his whole life or my mother worked her whole life to build and pass it on to me. But here's why it's bad. You know, not everyone can do this. Number one, and I don't think anybody should do it. Here's my reasoning behind that. When you pass on an inheritance such as a large lump sum of money or a business to your whoever, let's just say for   tallking points to your children,    and sets them up for life. Okay, essentially what's happened is you have taking your. Oh, I don't want to call it, your reality and put them in it, allowing them. No chance to define or understand their own reality. In other words, if you had a great business and when you passed away, your children took it over and they quit exploring themselves and what they weren't became came entrenched in running the business because they inherited. They've done themselves a disservice as you've done yourself a disservice by giving it to them, because now they step outside of the arena of finding out who they are. And it's that little bird flying spread your wings and fly bird. Now they no longer have to really spread their wings because it's been done for them. Again, it's a matter of giving, giving more and more, and then they become get to a point and you know where they are, where they expect it, and they think they're better than others, and they have more so that makes them better we've talked about that in podcasts here. But again, I believe, inheritance, where you set up, children, you're setting them up to fail because you're setting them up in your reality in your shadow, not their own. And they by accepting the inheritance, you are allowing themselves to become part of your shadow and never really ever finding out who they are and what they are and why they were here and what their purpose is to do instead they take over what you just gave him the old. Remember the old silver spoon they were born, look at you could see these families throughout the world, born with silver spoons and they just keep getting a silver spoon and it goes from one to another to another. And if they're corrupt and a lot of them are they all start drinking the corrupt Kool Aid. So you never give them a chance to find out who they are and what they are. That's why I think inheritance isn't is essentially bad. You should take what you have, what you earned where you've gotten in life, your children should build their own. They should find out who they are, where they fit in. Why they fit in how they fit in. If they're inheriting things that sets them up for life, they'll never ever explore those options, and they'll never become the person they truly are meant to be. And I'm going to stop talking now. Thank you.