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I want to apologize for the audio, it was taped outside.
Hope you're having a good summer. I'm sitting at the park and. Something has been on my mind. Ever since I heard it a while ago.
And it's been a bit of thinking a lot about this you say that. And that is the philosophy of what is called Watkins, let me explain what a walk in, is a walk in from what I understand, I'll try to put it on my best terms is a soul that walks into an avatar, and takes takes control of the Avatar from that point forward. They're called walk into souls. From what I understand is, a lot of times, many times.
Many people can have many walk ins over a lifetime.
I also understand that some people may only have one and that's the one that they're born with. And that will last you a lifetime so there is no definitive timeframe, or definitive whether or not someone could have walked into their life. Not everybody does. But what should open your mind and think about the possibility of a walk in Soul.
What a walk in interst at avatar, it takes control of that avatar from that point, either forward or till the next walk in comes in, they remember everything in the past. So it's almost impossible to distinguish.
If that soul that there is a walk in or you've had it your whole life, because they remember everything. Okay, so it's really hard to figure out whether or not that, that is there at this point in time as a walk it or not.
There is some signs that are walking so I believe I've had probably two or three of them. I can remember back when I was younger 16 probably maybe 17 years old in which I wasn't going the right direction. And overnight. I cut ties with the people that I was associated with just stopped everything that I was doing and going in the wrong direction, and went to the different direction. I've said many many times that God woke me up. That's always a possibility too but maybe, just maybe, a walk in, right. And how many times have we heard people say you know I've been married to so and so for so long and they're just no longer the same person. Well maybe they're not. Maybe they are walking. And even though walk is remember everything in that avatar all the way back to it. As far as we can remember their personalities are a little bit different, they're not the same. So maybe yes are you know that person changed. I didn't know who he was anymore. Yeah, maybe it was a lock him.
So, as it opened your mind to this idea of walking in think could that have happened to me.
And I can think again for myself three or four times when this happened. And I can remember one very distinctively that is almost assuredly, a walk in and after the ball, I don't know, 1015 years ago, I was sitting at my computer, And all of a sudden my brain just went blank I didn't know what I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. It felt very odd it felt I could remember a lot of things. I tried to recall recall recall, and I could remember a lot of things, and I had, I lost all my short term memory for about eight hours. I couldn't, I couldn't remember what I did, six months ago or two weeks ago, was gone, it finally came back. It was very scary Oh, I thought I was having a stroke like, you know, science tells us, but maybe it was a walk in because there is times when these warnings occur. There is a memory lapse or a memory relapse for short periods of time. During that stage, and I surely had that. So maybe that was number two.
And then when I had this, this, This dream this lucid dream that I have on my website.
Maybe that was number three, I don't know, I'm just throwing the idea out there. Is it out of the possibility, out of the realm Absolutely not. Okay. How would you know when you've had a download lensing it's called the download walk in synonymous download. If they can remember everything in the past, just like you.
How do you distinguish them. I mean, how do you distinguish that that soul as walking, it'd be very tough. If not near impossible. But if there is defining points in your life. Like I said, with my memory loss or changing my friends overnight, or this lucid dream in which I've never been the same again. Since, maybe that was a walk in, I don't know. But open your mind to the possibilities, thinking your past, then you get to if you can't remember any you very well, maybe some of you never had walked in yet. And you've been that same soul since the day you were born. That's possible too. So, walk ins didn't happen to you. Didn't happen to me. I'm not going to rule it out. Think about it, folks.
Okay, during these times. Think about it. Remember, where we go on we go all.
Peace out.