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Hi guys and girls. Excuse me for holding my phone up here, but I'm recording it. So, this is going to be. Oh, let's not forget this. I think this is very important video, one that really needs to be shared because I've been struggling with this idea for a long time. I think I have an inclination as to what's going on here I am an epiphany Park, where these things happen on this 10th day of August, 2020. and I want to talk to you about manifesting what you want. And the ideas of it, there's a lot of audios and videos out there about manifesting, and the power of attraction, pretty much says all of this, but some things that I've heard makes more sense to me. One of the things I've heard was everything is happening now, there's no tomorrow, there's no yesterday, it's just in the now was hard for me to understand until somebody said, think of life as multiple timelines. And that made it a little bit easier. But then when they said, think of life, as movie clips, individual movie clips. Countless movie clips of every scenario that could possibly happen to you in your lifetime. These movie clips by themselves, one clip at a time. Don't make any sense they're not animated. But when you connect with a clip, you can then animate it. So we're all living in a movie clip right now that's animated, it's moving, as we think of it is moving, and we attribute that to time and time has nothing to do with them. But we're in this scenario where there's these colorless movieclips everywhere, of every possible outcome of everything that could happen to us in our lifetime, every scenario exists right now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Right now, it's all there. Again, I had a hard time understanding what they talked about timelines lines. When he said movie clips, individual little clips that made more sense to me. So that's what I'm giving to you. So, life is a movie clip. When you become harmonically frequency matched with a movie clip, it becomes animated. In other words, it starts playing out. Okay. And remember, there's countless ones out there, countless for each person for each person's life of things that can happen. And until you become a harmonic frequency match to that. You won't see it play out. I thought oh my god, how do I become a match to something here I am thinking about something right. I want this scenario. How do I match to it. Well I've figured that one out. You match to it. You become 100% convinced, not so much to work diminished knowledgeable that you will, if there's any shred of doubt in your mind. Any, you will not match. Let me give you an example. years, not when I was a child I used to play drums. And it was back in the ancient era when all there was was cassettes and the headphones to play with was hard, but I got away from playing the drums for a long time and just took it up again about eight nine years ago. And I've always known that I will get good I'll get very good playing the drums, and I had no doubt, what's there was no doubt Why would I doubt. There was no doubt in my mind and I have gotten good a whole lot better and I wasn't I will still get better. So, I wanted this clip. And I had no doubt. I obtained that clip. Just like when I was young and I can remember sitting here and epiphany Park, knowing, knowing that whatever I set forward in my path, whatever I set as my life. I was going to do it and do it well. And I did. I had no doubt doubt did not exist. I knew what I wanted. And I knew I was going to achieve it, and I did. Okay, now there's things in my life I'm wondering about my age, as a single man, thinking, you know, I wonder where that. Or, if that there's a better way of putting it. person is out there that special ladies out there, and not finding and looking and not finding and looking and not finding that finally realizing. The reason I know it's there. In all these movie clips that perfect match, she exists, but I'm not a harmonic harmonic frequency match. Because I don't believe in 100%. There's the key. You have to believe at 100%. No doubts, no questions, like me, no one, I'm going to get better I'm going to drums, or I'm going to achieve what I want in this world, there was never doubt that dumped didn't exist. And now I need to get myself to that place. If I want to go and find that individual. And I have my doubts. Absolutely. I've had a tough, tough time. And when you throw another person into the mix. It's going to inherently create doubt, because that's a whole different entity, you don't control the entity to want to be there, they're different, so they could always throw up something that doesn't match, and you don't work out. So yeah, there's there's doubt. You know there's less than less, but there's still doubt, and as long as there's doubt people. And you will not connect vibrationally with what you want. And I've heard this in countless videos. And now I understand why. And I want you to understand why. There can be no doubt period, or you will not connect to that clip, you will not obtain that if you have doubt. It can happen folks. It's not gonna happen. So that's what I wanted to get out there. It took me a while to figure this one out. But here I am an epiphany Park. I'm figuring this stuff out. I'm wondering how can I get to that movie clip I know what's there, because everything in our lives every possible scenario exists right now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Now, you just have to connect with it, how do you connect with it with zero doubt. That's hard to do in some cases. I've done it in the situations I've told you about. Can you do it. If you can do it, you can connect with that clip. And then your life will start running from that clip. You see, you go from here to that life, and all of a sudden next clip will start becoming animated. That's the one you want. That will start becoming animated. And you will live your life from there. Think of the possibilities. but it cannot happen with these words. Well I hope so. Or I wish. Those words do not work at all. Period, do not work. Oh I hope this happens. Oh, I wish this would happen. Not gonna happen folks. Those words are are bad. Okay. You have to be positive. And not just be positive, in what you say. Positive here, because that's where your eternal being is that's where your higher self is there. You've got to know it. They're and they're here. So, a lot to work on. But that's the way it works. As far as I figured it out. I'm gonna look him a long time. Starting to make sense when everybody said, there is no yesterday there is no tomorrow, there's just now. I don't, it didn't click until they talked about the individual movie clips. None of them are animated until you vibrationally match with them and then they become animated from that point. That's where you live. So with that, I'm going to say, I'm in epiphany Park. Thank you for listening to me. Peace out, and we'll talk to you soon.