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Not all guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, folks all around and a while since I put out a video
it's been a while feeling the need to get some things off my chest I

don't know where to begin because this is a huge topic for myself I'm finding that I am stumbling with allowing those that are not quite awake and probably never will be allowing them to frustrate me when they can't see what's going on right in front.

What do I mean by all that?

I've run into a lot of people who are getting vaccinated. And if they would only do their research, they would realize that they are being poisoned. Slowly but sure death is coming for you.

Okay, but yet, they like to follow the masses. The elected believes CNN and Fox News and the CDC. They're, we're here to help you. We're here to help they allow them to brainwash and they do no research for themselves. And they go get jabbed. And now that is a death sentence.

And I find it frustrating that so many people just go into narrative that they go with what Joe Schmo is doing. What Mom and Dad is doing, what their governor is doing, what you're being told, none of them are using any common sense. It's almost like do I belong to this race of beings?

They're using no common sense. Would you not want to know what you're injecting into your body? Why does the CDC say they will deliver the the ingredients to the vaccine, but at a slow pace, so it'll take over 70 years? 77 zero years to get all of it out there?

Why would you want to take something that they are deliberately hiding, that they are deliberately covering up?

Why would you want to inject that directly into your body? To me, it makes no sense. But I'm still seeing it. happening all the time. And it's frustrating. And sometimes I lose my patients. And I have to apologize for that and apologize to whomever I've heard and lost my patients. It's it's it's just me being frustrated and dialer I need to learn better patients.

But at this time, you know, things are blatantly obvious, false, the use of old colloquialism and I'm not saying this term at all, disrespectfully, please me, but I say that the left has gone full retirement in the same sir with the new transformer variant, the Hallmark rod, Are you effing kidding? A fucking kidding me? Are you really getting me and you expect the people to believe that? A lot of them do. And they run out, they get their boosters. They get even more poison injected directly into your body, people, people.

If there's one thing you take from this video, is once you've been injected, there's no turning back. You can take a magic pill to cure you of what they just put in your body. There is nothing in today's technology that will get that out of your body.

It's there to stay. And you need to learn that before you go and do it. Yeah, they're making life hard for everybody. Why do you think they're making life hard for you unless you've been vaccinated? So you get fast. Why are they pushing the vaccination?

For control?

They want depopulation and believe me, it's going to bring on depopulation.

14 year old kids that have been vast heart adapts when is the last time in our lives. We have ever seen a 14 year old on a heart attack. They now have heart specialists at schools.

What was the last time we've ever seen heart specialist and high schools never happened until they push the maximum and the kids get vaccinated. Now they're having heart arrhythmias, they're having heart attacks. They're having blood clots because this graphene that's in these these vaccinations, rips up your your arteries as it moves through your blood. But did you do your research and find that out? Did you figure out that once you got this there's no turning back?

And yet you keep rolling up your sleeves yet you don't want to believe well, US government, the CDC, the NIH, they got our best interest in mind. Bull chips.

They have no one's best interests in mind, but there's all they care about is themselves and they are controlled by a deeper entity, which was nothing but global domination and depopulation. And you when you roll up your sleeve or fallen right into what they want. You have done just what they want. They have coalhurst you they get brainwashed you they have they have staff to get the drift away from you. And you fell into it. And you did

I this I bless all your souls.

My heart for you.

By no it's not going to be a good future. But for those of you who haven't gotten the damn jab, don't no matter how hard they make lunch, no matter what restrictions they put on you do not get don't no matter who says what, where how. Don't do it.

Don't do it.

fleeting all of you.

And I hope you all see this video. Don't do it. Again put this on Facebook because they will ban but I will put it on my website. I hope you see it. And if you do see it please pass the link along to your friends in and out there. Pass it along.

Part of my reason was to tell you again, I've said it many times don't get that but also my frustration about humanity and what we are our army or our is still 60% of humanity sheep. Are you really sheep? Are you really that brainwashed?

Well, apparently so because we live in a prison planet. We live in a controlled construct. I mean totally controlled from the minute we're born. We're so long as slaves with our birth certificate. We live in a total present right now. That's been slowly brought down. Not fast enough for me and I know not fast enough for a lot of us, but it's being slowly dismantled. I hope I see it in my lifetime.

I hope you see it in your lifetime.

But getting the vaccination will never get you there. You'll never have that opportunity to see you will die.

You will die and that's what they want. This is evil. We live in a very evil evil place. And we got brought up and brainwashed to believe we live in a utopia. This is even close to utopia. It was here 1000s and 1000s and hundreds and 1000s of years ago, but we lost it and then when the not so good races hijacked the system and hijacked our brains and brainwashed us to this very bad.

We just follow like ducks in line to whatever they say. There was a movie, I think it was called the giver. It was filmed four or five years ago in Washington the other day, but it is a perfect example of what's happened to society. How black and white we have become as a matter of fact, the film even starts off the first atheris is black and white. And this society was black and white. They were killing babies because they didn't meet how to certain specifications. What are we doing today? We're killing babies that term.

I mean, they watch the movie.

This is where we are.