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Hello everybody.
Here we are in another podcast the other day in a hammock Yes.

I kind of waited till the rocking slow down.

I gotta apologize to you for that because you have motion sickness or something you might not want to watch this video. Just listen to it, but I apologize. I'm trying to stop the racking as we speak. So it's slowing down. I'm just trying to stop it. Anyways this podcast I want to call music lyrics. Beware.

The last podcast we talked about the look in me generation, generation of people who need reassurance from the outside that they are okay, we need acceptance from others to bathe themselves.

Well, that is just really, really reinforced by a lot of the musical lyrics for many songs, not just now, but for a long time and if you listen to him, you'll hear that now, with that being said, I'm not going to talk about the rap crap, because I hate that junk. is the epitome of the icing on the cake. Because they're they just tell you to eff off and you're this and you're that and all this whole Garrity.

But the other side of the other songs, the normal songs.

If you listen to them, they do the same thing they reinforcement. They reinforced the need for love. They reinforced the need for others to make somebody feel whole again. I mean, listen to some of the lyrics 3am in the morning. I must be lonely.

Listen to them. They all pretty much love me. I need you. I need you.

I need you to be there. I'm so lonely. Without you.

You need me I need you know that's not the way it should be false. People need to learn and to be comfortable in their own skin. Not needing anybody I'm not saying having friends and stuff is bad. But if you need them to make you feel complete and a lot of lyrics and a lot of songs tell us that's what we need. That's wrong.

You know, I I've always loved music and I always will but I'm more of the beat man i i listened to the beat I listened to the rhythm.

very seldomly. Do I listen to the words? That's just how I listen to music. But now that I've started listening to words, I'm realizing just how much they reinforce people need.

They reinforce people become more and more insecure with themselves by needing others to make themselves feel whole. So beware with music is telling you Yeah, you might like the song. But deep down it is subliminal programming is telling you lyric after lyric. You know what you need and when you are Don't be lonely. Oh my God. Don't be lonely and make being lonely. A sin.

We all get lonely doesn't make us any more or any less than anyone else. We just need to understand what loneliness is and that point Luqman anymore become lonely.

But we've been so accustomed to others, always given us the things that we need. And if they don't we feel lost. Why do you think there's this generation of Lost Souls who can't deal for themselves?

And again, music is just one facet of the reinforcement. Sure, it's multimedia shirts, social media, shirts, TV shirts, it's everything is movies, it's everything.

But music is a huge business. And yes, they do do reinforce the need for others to make you feel complete. And that is wrong, folks. You need to look within. Everybody hasn't beautiful being. You just gotta find it doesn't make you lonely or outside. If you have no one. Ie in your life, doesn't make you bad. Doesn't make you an outcast, on the contrary to your will may very well may make you more knowledgeable.

So with that, I'll end with that. Say love you bless you and Namaste