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I'm gonna make this video that is gonna be called obsession is bad.

And the reason I'm making it is I have a couple of people whose names I will that

I will not put out, but they're two people that I know quite well.

One is a man about my age and the other one's a woman about 10 years younger.

So they're both mature adults.

The man has got not a

crush, not a liking way beyond that, for this woman to a point of being obsessed.

Then I think it's wrong. Because of a few reasons we'll jump off state obsession can get bad and people do strange strange things. When they become obsessed with somebody else. They lose the ability to rationalize and understand everybody has got a choice in the world. And your obsession is blocking yours and it could be hurting somebody else. And they do some things that could hurt people, and they just they lose their mind. Let's just say that they become irrational.

And I see that happening with these two.

Very, very much. So I see that happening with these two, any on the other side. She promotes it. She allows it. She condones it in little things. She knows you if you confront other she would say well, he knows that with another guy. I'm not with him. But he doesn't care. He's an obsessive. He doesn't care who she's with. She's supposed to be with you.

But she can know that she continues that she instead of just putting her foot down and saying, Listen, this is dumb. This is stupid. lenient.

Okay, said it to him that she can she likes to she likes that somebody on the side so she could use him as probably as leverage with their current boyfriend like you know, they I got somebody else out there to take care of me RP you know, it's stupid but acid people and I think that's why she loves him to triple behind. She just doesn't close the door. And my concern is people become obsessed. It's beyond. It's beyond just liking someone. It's obsessed. I mean, he even has her come over and clean his house. And all they do is talk.

Sure they do. I'm sure that's what they do. But I mean, that's not his reason behind this. You care less than his house is clean. He just wants her in his house. That's obsession. You can see it in his eyes. So folks, if if you become obsessed, and I think we are all guilty of this, there's so much to have through our life.

But it's not healthy, not healthy for either party, and bad things can happen. When somebody becomes obsessed. They can do some very

strange things, very irrational things and it could harm somebody's health. And you know what I'm talking about without me having to say it here.

They become that irrational, that obsessed. They can do some strange things. And I see the need to I never thought I would see a mature man my age. I would hope that he'd have enough

insight into himself rather than saying that this is just unhealthy and wrong, but it just keeps escalating and again, am I making hurt the guilty one she's not, but she is condoning and she's allowing it to happen. And I've talked to her and told her you need to turn this off. But I don't think as of today, it's been done.

But it's not just about the session in general. Folks, if someone becomes obsessed with you, you need to close the door and walk away. You need to put them into a right now. can't allow this to continue. Because it becomes healthy. And we don't things like things that are not healthy for us. Right? So obsession is bad.