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Hello, I hope all is doing well for everyone. I want to call this little voice log. My time is more important than yours. And let me explain what I mean about this. How many times have you been with someone or had plans with someone? In is typically the same person that does this. When they're always late or they're always canceling. You make the plans or they make the plans and inevitably right before the planes are about to start, they change them up. They cancel them. How many times how many people do you know that do that to you? I know quite a few. And here's what happens when they're doing that when someone does that. Continuously canceling or canceling or even just continuously late to appointments. What they're saying to you is, my time is more important than yours. You should make your rules around me. I'm more important, whether I'm there on time or not. But my time is more important than yours. And it inevitably frustrates us the people that are always on time the people that are always ready. And they just do it over and over again like it's every day and it frustrates us and we have the right to be frustrated. Because when people are never on time or people are always canceling after you've made plans. What they're telling you is my time is more special than yours. I'm more special than you are you need to work around me. And I don't do that very well. I don't work around anyone. If they do that to me, I stop it and I say I'm done. And I've got a few people in my life right now that like to do this, and they tried it again. And I just said I'm done. And I've said I'm done before, but nothing has changed because they have to show that they're more important than you. Their time is more precious than yours. So I can be late or I can cancel or something will always come up. No big deal. I'm more important than you are. And that's not right. That is wrong. Don't allow people to do that to you. They're stepping on you. They are they're taking your valuable time that you set up. preciously you set up for it. You know you're there on time. If you're like me, you are you're always on time. You plan your day around these people. You playing your whole day around to meet them at such a such a time and inevitably, what do they do? They're either late or more than likely, they cancel and that is not right to you. That is not right for you. Don't stand for it. Draw the line and say I'm done. Stand up for yourself. Because you matter a lot. Your time is important. You are human too and if others don't recognize this by always being late or changing plans, then these aren't the kind of people you want to be around. Peace out. Bye bye