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Good morning.
  This podcast is going to be about the idea that we've all struggled with our entire life. Why is there suffering, why is their disease. Why are they there these bad things have happened.
  And I don't want to sound too cold or too callous with my answer. But if you think about it for a bit. And you ponder on it. You see the idea behind this, or the sense in it.
  Why is there, suffering in this world. Well, the reason they're suffering, I believe, is because without suffering. We could not understand what it's like not to have suffering, and in other words, without hunger. We could not understand what it's like not to be hungry, without light. We couldn't understand what it's like to have darkness, without a foreground. We could not understand what it's like to have a background.
  Everything works that way. We live in a dualistic world, where one complements the other. And as hard as it is to understand and gut wrenching, it is when people suffer no one wants to see others suffer. No one wants to see diseases. A lot of the diseases are man made folks but not getting into that yet no one wants to see that. But in order for us to understand, appreciate it learn. We have to have duality.
  Again, there can be no light, without the existence of darkness, understand that. Think what would it be like in a world where there was no duality we did not understand everything was this pleasant we had no idea what pleasant really was because we had nothing to compare it to. Maybe duality is a way to compare things. So we can say, wow. Yeah, I don't want to go to bed hungry because I know how much it hurts my stomach and it hurts my body. But if we never experienced that. How would we ever know we're truly fall, because we've never experienced, not being full. Do you see the idea behind this folks. It's duality and its best. So why is there suffering in the world, because we need to understand what it's like not to suffer, not advocating death and disease and killing Believe me, I'm not going down that road I'm not that person. But we need dualism in this three dimensional world we're currently in to understand the other aspects of it.
  Light and Dark is a good way. How about sound or no sound. How can we appreciate. Beautiful sounds. If there was no sounds to compare it to. We know what it's like in a vacuum where there's no sounds.
  So then we can appreciate a sound when it comes up. But if we had no comprehension of no sounds. We would have no comprehension as to sounds. It's kind of a hard philosophy to wrap your brain around, but it does exist. Think about it.
  I'm going to call this podcast, I guess.
  It should be listed under duality. Maybe I'll listed under duality. But a lot of people ask why is there suffering in this world. Why do people suffer. Why do people hurt. Why is there pain, because there has to be for us to appreciate, no pain. I know a lot of people are going through a lot of painful things in everyday life. A lot of them self inflicted. Honestly, most of them self inflicted. And you wonder why does somebody have to go through this pain. Well, there's a reason. They go through the pain to understand what it's like not to have any pain.
  So that's in a nutshell, I'll put this on the website. Thank you for your time.