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Introduction: Our reason for being, what we are as a species. What is possible and what is not. The purpose of an open mind. How manipulation has played a large role in our development, and how to end it once and for all. This book is about our potential we all possess and how to expand it to its fullest potentials. This book is about “humanity” once and for all getting its “Head out of the Sand” and living to our fullest. This book is about “Enlightenment” each and every one of us is guaranteed if we want it. This book is about “service to others”. This book is about opening new doors you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams. This book is about the future of the human race. More than anything this book is about YOU. Are you ready for the journey?

DISCLAIMER: If you are not ready to LISTEN with an open mind than this may not be for you. Listening is an art its not just about hearing words coming out of someone else’s mouth. If you can’t do this this book is not for you!

Chapter 1:” Frequencies and the Cosmic Connection”
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: