What are your thought's on coincidence's? Personally I do not believe in them, I think everything was meant for a reason and there are absolutly NO such things as a coincidence. Your thoughts?  Let's talk today about coincidences. And, or the lack there of coincidences thing that's always happened and we just write them off. Oh that was just a coincidence that just happened randomly out of the clear blue. If you do some research on coincidences. You come to find out that in reality, there really is no such thing as a coincidence, it doesn't exist. Everything is done for a reason, everything is done for a purpose why it might not make real sense to us, right here right now in this realm. It will later. But if you do some research into things like let's say the john f kennedy assassination, compared to the Lincoln assassination, and you'll find out there is just a matrix of what you would call coincidences between names of people who shot them, it just just everything. And once again this is where I must plug my friends YouTube site, quantum of consciousness, because he goes through these links. And they just come out to be in the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, and there's really far too many quote unquote coincidences. They just can't really happen, the chance of them happening is one in like a million. And this happens in our life time over and time over and time over, and we've always been told all that's just a coincidence. Ever since we've been a child. So, what do we do we grow up believing oh well that's just a coincidence without even really looking into it. Some of us, including myself sees the same numbers on the clock almost all the time. And I'll bet you you listeners. If you can think about something that you see all the time. Well there's a reason why do some research into and try to find out why maybe you won't be able to find out overnight but maybe if you look into it over time you'll maybe come up with an idea of why that was being shown to you. I truly believe there is no coincidences everything is done for a reason in this world. We are here for a reason. What's going to happen tomorrow is going to happen tomorrow No matter how frustrated or how we try to guide it in or change it. There are no coincidences in this world. And that's my belief. Thank you.