Hi, folks, today, I want to share an experience that I had. And not the BS social or analytical article, but an experience that I had. And It took me quite a few years to be able to put two and two together
with it.

I would say maybe 10 years ago, at least I had an experience in which I was sitting at my computer desk in my home by myself. And I was going to do something on the computer, you know, when you think, well, I got to, I don't know, edit this spreadsheet or put this, put on my last month's bills, but you have an agenda going on, and you know what you're aiming to do, all of a sudden, just sitting there, I felt very, very odd. And I could not remember for the life of me what I was attempting to do or what I was going to do at that time. And then I started getting a strange feeling, a feeling I'd never experienced in my life, Feeling a little out of place, so to speak. And I never put two and two together in this till just now. But let me explain further. I started forgetting or not being able to remember a lot of things that had happened the last six months, four months. And Of course, you know, we're always told them something like that happens, God forbid, you're probably having a stroke or a brain hemorrhage. And of course, at that time, I bought into the narrative, hook line and sinker. And I thought that was Oh, yeah, that's what was happening to me. So I got afraid. Being home alone as I was I thought, well, if I'm going to have a stroke or brain hemorrhage, My better going on my neighbor cell. So least you can call an ambulance for me. So I walked down to my neighbor's house. And I walk past a shed i'd built that summer. And I had no recollection of building it. Because I asked my neighbor, I said, where'd the shed come from? He said, well, you built it. Mitch, you built it December. I said, I don't remember that norm. I remember norm. I did not remember building that shed at all. I mean, there was no recollection of it whatsoever. You remember, when you try to remember something, you could bring up bits and pieces of it. There was nothing to bring up. It was just did not exist in my memory. And This went on for roll Bobby five or six hours, and eventually I got pulled back. And I'm going to use that term pulled back. You're going to see why here. I got pulled back into my current timeline. So What did I do? I told my doctor, what do they do? Well, I do a doctor, do the bass combine and get a brain MRI to see if you got a stroke or up right? Ah, lo and behold, absolutely nothing wrong.Everything fine.

You were diagnosed with something called this is kind of a catch all phrase. In other words, when they have no effing clue what just happened, They're going to call they're going to make up something and they made up something called transit, global amnesia. Okay, You suffer trends in global amnesia, it happens about one out of, I don't know, a million people once a year or some godly thing like that. They just made it up. So everything finally got back, I got pulled back into my correct timeline. And I can remember everything I can to this day. And I had a second bout of missing timelines. Wow, maybe four years later, five years later, it wasn't as strong, nor was it as long. But the same thing, same principles. And it was frightening again, At that point, I had bought the narrative that there was something wrong with me, and that I was going to have a stroke or something of this sort. Well, now it's been quite a few years. And I've been able to listen to a lot of people read a lot, research a lot. And basically, I'm almost convinced 100% that there wasn't physically anything wrong with me. But I was somehow or another, My timelines got crossed up. I got pulled into another timeline. And I started being part of another timeline. The timeline was in the first instance, the timeline where I did not build a shed, which seemed as real to me as your fingers and your nose on your face does to you right now. I did not build that shed. That was the timeline I was being pulled into. But something to do with grounding, somehow or another because that was grounded in my original timeline, more stronger than I was in the alternate timeline, I was somehow or another getting into, it pulled me back into my original timeline. That was my grounding. That was where I was strongest. Hence, I went back to that. Now, it's probably better. I don't know, 567 years since the last episode, I've only had two. And I have never had anything like that sense. But instead of being afraid of it, Okay, because that's what we're told to do.

This time, if it does happen again, I will try to embrace it and make the best out of it and learn from it. Instead of wanting it to go away, Get me back to normalcy. I will embrace it and say, Okay, what are you trying to tell me? Where am I? What is going on here? What timeline am I trying to slip into? Or why am I being showed an alternate timeline? folks? If these are timelines, and I'm pretty sure they are, they are as real and they exist, is what you believe and think and can feel and smell. And here, Right here, right now. They exist. I got proof of it. I've had two experiences with them. So I wanted to share this with you. I know it's a little out of sorts, but maybe not. So from the website. It's not a learning thing. But maybe it is a learning thing. Maybe others can come forward. And I hope you do. If this resonates with you, you've had this experience. I want to talk to you. So login, create an account, Leave some comments, but please leave your email address. Tell me who you are, email me and say I'm so and so. I've had experiences with timeline crossings like that. I've applied for an account. That way I will approve it. Instead of just thinking it's a bot and just delete it. I do want to talk to you. So please, if you've had timeline experiences like this, I want to share them with you. That's The reason for the website. Thank you folks. Good day.