Oh, folks. Good afternoon.
  I think this is going to be a very, very important podcast. Audio cast, because I'm going to call it. Do you get it. Yep.
  It's taking me a lot of time, a lot of research through many many years to get to a point where I'm starting to believe. I'm actually starting to get started you understand what's going on here.
  I know I've been close you could feel that I've never quite gotten there. Now I think I'm very close. As a matter of fact, if you go back to one of my audio casts evil in darkness and you listen to evil three, you will see an old friend of mine told me I was getting too close, that I needed to be brought down.
  Well, I've got even closer today.
  I listened to cosmic agency, and an audio cast about.
  We've always been told. Once again, by the powers that be that, and even others that we've been deliberately dumbed down in our chromosomes so we lose our empathic and telepathic abilities and all the abilities that we all have and we've never lost.
  And that that's false because our chromosomes respond directly to our consciousness. In other words, you could change the chromosome. But if your consciousness does not believe it, it just rewrite it. Go back to the old way kind of like rewriting over file over file.
  So there really can't be any way to dumb us down so to speak by genetic manipulation because our consciousness, our consciousness. The grand consciousness knows who we are and what each and every one of us is in is capable of doing.
  So they couldn't do that they couldn't control us that way. So what do they needed to do was create a system where we were meant to believe in our conscious ness that we were less them that we could not do these things. We didn't have them in our powers, it from what I understand over time as that brainwashing continues and goes over and over again, it will start to change the chromosomes in the DNA structure to replicate that belief system.
  And that's exactly where we are today.
  We are in it have been under control for. I guess the number is 12,500 13,000 years by Knievel control structure that wants us to stay down no wants us to not understand our fullest potential that each and every one of us has right now has always had. It has never lost, but we've lost sight of it because we don't believe it's there. We've been told us not there.
  They keep us under control we've talked about this by feeding us poisons in our food. Putting poisons in the air.
  Scientists which tell us garbage indoctrination through high school, college, or whole life, and then non DOP mainstream media bombardment on a daily basis. frequency manipulation on cell phones, through five G or 4g antennas, the list goes on.
  They realized it could. They couldn't stop us from being the lead beings that we are.
  Let's take control our thoughts and our patterns, and that's just where we are today. And when I say do you finally get it. Do you see the control, control structure cancers, the poisons, the alcohol, cigarettes, and everything we drink and eat.
  Yeah, ask yourself well how do we get rid of this that's in another podcast. The first is understanding it. I sit here today and we've just celebrated the Fourth of July.
  I don't know how many years since 1776 independence from Great Britain. And that's what they want us to believe, was a great victory and maybe it was a hapa greater victory.
  How about independence from this control structure once for all. How about understanding who we are as people. And as beings once and for all, that each one of us is the same. We're not any more or any less than the next person, yet they want us to believe we're different because we have different color skins. We have different jobs. We have different countries. We speak different languages. We're all the same.
  It doesn't matter. And we've all got unique abilities. Each and every one of us has the ability to do everything that we've been told that we can't do.
  But through indoctrination through continuous pressure through continuous control, or we all believe we can't do it, and if we believe we can't do it well then guess what we can't do it.
  It's when you believe you can do it. Then you can start manifesting and you can start doing.
  So this is important. This is probably one of the most important audio pod casts I'll put on break away from this control structure, understand what they're doing. Understand, looked at it for what it is. And then you can start seeing it in every facet of every day. I just ate some donuts. They were probably propagated with garbage, to keep my frequency down.
  They put it in everything they do it in every way possible. Is it hard to get out from under this Yeah, you bet it is. It's very very hard to get out from under. It takes a conscious effort, but you can't get out from under something unless you first realize that you're in it, and a realization is the first step. Open your eyes see what is going to see what life is bringing you see where you are. See how we're being controlled. Every day, every minute of every day.
  So when I asked the question do you get it.
  What I'm saying is, do you see what is going on here. Once we all see what's going on. Then we can collectively, make a change. And maybe we can celebrate then a real milestone celebration from overt control that's been going on for 13,000 years, not just breaking away from Great Britain which. Hey, let him celebrate that little think that's the big event, what essentially once again. It's not a big event. The big event is breaking the control structure, it's been going on for 13,000 years, and everything we everything, every aspect of our life from putting fluoride toothpaste to putting mercury and fillings, folks, the list goes on.
  We are all that special, special special divine entity. We've got so much that we can do, who we need to believe it.
  We need to believe. Once we believe we can then go forward. And everybody starts and needs to start believing this as a collective, we can break free of this, we can truly then have something to celebrate folks. Think about it. Think about the freedom social gain, think of where we'll be when ages. They want us to believe age is the defining factor. Well I'm getting too old to do that. And my heritage. That's all controlled. They tell you what to believe. You start believing, then your conscious starts believing it in your DNA starts reacting to that and guess what. Yeah. As the years progress you get great here, lo and behold, you've got gray hair or lo and behold your back hurts, or lo and behold, the list goes on. Remember we are creatures of our mind. We are what we believe. You want to believe you're 20 years old and you are 20 years old.
  And if you do that long enough, strong enough, over time, your body will produce that result.
  We've heard it before. Everything is in your mind and that's nothing closer to the truth, because that's exactly where it is.
  And their whole objective is to control that mind, when they control that mind they control the body. When they tell you things you're too old and you buy into that rhetoric that's not buy into it anymore, folks. Let's start asking the question what if what if you been lying. What if this is wrong What if you are poisoning us. Let's ask. So do you get it.
  I believe I got it.
  Now my goal is to help everyone else understand and get it also. And then we have truly something to celebrate one of these times. Let's do it folks. Thank you.