Good afternoon, folks. It's been a while.
  But I've come across an idea, which I think is very important. Something I've been researching and looking into for quite a few months now. And I think I might have a handle on it. Once again, my interpretation of this podcast is called finding your key stone. As I said, past, There's no such thing as coincidences. Sometimes you see things and we just brush them off as a coincidence. Well, there's no such thing as a coincidence. Maybe you're seeing repetitive, repetitive numbers. It's not coincidental. Repetitive words, repetitive people. It's not coincidental. This is your higher self, your spirit being whatever you want to refer to it as trying to tell you something. Understand this portion of you can't knock you on the forehead and say, Look at stupid. Here's What I'm trying to tell you open your eyes. Can't do it like that. They do it by showing you things. And if we're on autopilot, which 99% of us are, we just pass it right by either we don't pay attention to it. Or we say, Oh, that's just a coincidence. We need to understand. There's no such thing as coincidences. And I believe I've said that in another podcast that there's no use. Going over and over this. So my coincidence, which wasn't a coincidence, was a word that I had been seeing quite a lot one day saw it three times. And that word was Keystone. Three times in one day, That word was shown to me Keystone.
  And just the other day that word was shown to me
  actually was printed along on the entire side of a panel truck, the entire side, big letters Keystone. So I need to figure out what a keystone is, I think I have it. This is my interpretation of keystones. The definition of a keystone is the first don't put in place and all others follow. Other words, if you're going to build something square, you find the first square corner, you put down your first brick stone that's called your Keystone, and then go out from there. I believe every person in this world, No exceptions, has a keystone moment in their life. One that changed your life, Unbeknownst to you.
  But it was a changing time.
  I was laying in my hammock The other day looking at our beautiful oak tree looking at the leaves on the oak leaf. And if you look at an oak leaf, and probably all of them but oak leaf is very clear. If you look at the leaf semi-transparent nice green color. You look at the veins and the leaf, there's one major vein going right up the middle to the very tip. And then there's all these tributary or secondary veins going on to the left into the right. Well, I looked at that said, Well, this is like life. This is like our journey, We start at the very base. And our ultimate goal is to get to the very tip. That's enlightenment. That's what we're all going to get to eventually, Some faster and sooner than others. Those that are not awoke don't quite understand this philosophy may take some time. But Rest assured we will all get there. But I want to get there a little bit sooner, I don't want to have to do this three, four, or 510. Who knows how many times we've tried this. So look at that old leak, oak leaf, excuse me as our journey of life. We started the bottom as a very, very young child. And we grow. And our ultimate goal is to maintain that center path and go to the tip. That's enlightenment when we get down the road. Well, so many of us, if not all of us, end up branching out to the sides, we get distracted them. Okay. And you can think of your very first distraction as your Keystone. That was the first door that opened that opened a multitude of other doors. And in order to get to that tip to that true enlightenment, all of our past doors have got to be closed. We can't get there having open doors on resolve issues, They will not work that way. So Here's what I mean by a keystone moment. Think of this, Let's say your Keystone moment was you're 16 years old. And somebody gave you a cigarette to smoke. Very first one, They open that door, you smoke that cigarette, And you kept smoking and then two months down the road, somebody gave you some weed. You took a hit of the weed, That door opened up. And now a year down the road you wanted because of the marijuana, you decided you wanted to try something different. You tried prescription drugs that doors now open. That went on for six months, it didn't work out well enough. So now you went to illicit drugs, heroin, methamphetamine, whatever that door is now open, in your way off, and this oak leaf your way off your central centered track, and you've got a multitude of doors. But that first smoke of that cigarette was your Keystone moment. That was the first door that opened you up to possibilities of distractions, Whether those distractions, you can call them being man made, and most of them are, If you want to think no distractions is evil, The dark for sake, I don't care how you look at it. But it opened your door, that Keystone open the first door and all the rest of the doors are tied to that Keystone and off the path you want. Now, I don't know. But I would say probably 99.9% of the people are off the path. I'm no exception to that rule. I've made my choices. I've made my things and I can
  identify my Keystone moment.
  And my goal now is to say Listen, Higher Self spirit being whatever you want to call them, I want my Keystone moment back, I found it, I want it, I want to close that door. Because if you can close the door on that Keystone moment, All the other doors will follow suit. You don't have to do them initially, individually. They're all linked to your Keystone moment. Once you can get those doors closed, You could now get you back on that path. So you go right up the middle to that apex of that leaf and you get to enlightenment. This is your Keystone moment. Keystone moments can happen at any time in life. They don't always happen when you're young. It could happen when you're middle aged or Hey, using the word age because it's it's it's all a man made construct but or later in your ages. Okay can happen anytime. But your goal is to figure out what your Keystone moment was. And then ask your higher self to tell them You want that Keystone moment pack, You want to close that door. Remember, we can never get to true light men are the the apex of this this leaf, We can never get there. With open doors in our past, we need to close them. And The easiest way is to close the Keystone door because that was the one that started at all in the first place. That's your goal. Do some research. Look into your soul, look into your heart, look into your life, Where was your Keystone moment and look at the doors that opened up and where you went. And what you did. Are some of those doors still open? More than likely, more than likely. But if we want to get ourselves back on the correct path, on the path to enlightenment, the current where we all want to go. And we're all going to go eventually. But you can see it may take more time for others, Some may have a whole lot more doors open than others. Okay, Some may have very few. And they're closer to this center. They're closer to getting a net center path and getting to where they want enlightenment in life. So This is been called find your Keystone find your Keystone. This may take months years of searching. But you will find it. If you truly want to find your Keystone, you will find it and finding that Keystone is the first step to closing these doors. Putting them in the past.
  I'm not dealing with them anymore.
  There no no used to me, They no longer affect me In closing these doors.
  So everybody find your Keystone.
  I think you will