What is frequency/density all about?  Okay, let's talk today about frequency frequency density. They're synonymous. Everything in the universe is based on frequency, everything vibrates at its own distinctive frequency Planet Earth has its own frequency, and no other planet in the universe has it, you have your own frequency like your fingerprint. Nobody else in the universe has your frequency. So frequency can be thought of as a fingerprint. But it's also connecting with the cosmic web. Everything is connected in the universe is collected through frequencies. The higher the frequency that you have. The. I don't want to say the more ascended your being is but it's true. The closer you are to source. The lower the frequency. The lower and farther away from source and understanding your true reality farther from that understanding. So, that article I did about the matrix and its purpose was to keep us, low and keep our frequency low so we don't understand our true potential as a human being. But frequency is very very important, and you ask how do I raise my frequency. Well you think positive. You think positive thoughts you try to make sure that half is half glass is half full and not half empty, kind of a thing. You meditate, you clear your mind. Far too often our mind is going 24 seven, unless we're sleeping. Our mind is always thinking about something. I've heard it being referred to as the monkey mind. try to clear at once and think of nothing, just be aware, but think of nothing. Try that once it's a process. It's hard to do. We've been so attuned to our mind just continuously going, what am I going to do tomorrow What am I going to do when I get home, how do I fix that. what am I gonna do next year, what am I gonna do 100 years. It's a non stop process. In the process, we lose track of us we lower our frequency. So people ask what can you do to improve your frequency, I say meditate and meditation is about clearing your mind getting your monkey mind to quiet down, and to just become aware of your surroundings and your feelings, without thinking about what's going on and where you're going to go on what you're going to do. Raise your frequency, improve your diet. It's another way to raise your frequency. As we raise this frequency we raise our spirituality. Look at drugs, all that bad drug addiction in the world created for one reason. Number one, the drugs are very addictive. But what those do they lower your frequency. They get you addicted to something, they get you in a very bad bad spot, same as alcohol which you see in every movie, all the time. It's called spirits for a reason that affects your spirit. It gets your frequency down and lowers your frequency, and that's right where they want us. This is where they want us guys and girls. And I don't want to be there. I don't want to have a low frequency I don't want to be down in the bottom anymore. I want to go up, I want to increase my frequency. So, in conclusion, the universe works on frequency and soda you. So that's each and every one of us. And our goal is to raise our frequency. Our goal is to improve our frequency become closer to source. Get out from this low state of where we been in the been putting us in for years and years. Think about it. Think about everything you see on that TV. What mainstream media tells you it's all depressing. If you're depressed, your frequency is low. If you're sad, your frequency is low.  We live in a three dimensional world, we can think of that as a third density world. We think that's all there is, understand our eyes and our perception, we perceive light, we perceive light waves, like frequency waves. And a very small part of it. In other words, if the entire light spectrum was, let's say, three feet long. We can perceive about one inch of that three feet. So we can see it perceived very very little. There's so much more going on that we can't see that is out there. It's in different frequencies, we are unable to see it. Does that mean it doesn't exist. Because we can't see something, does that automatically make it does not exist. A lot of people think that way. Well, I can't see it so it must not be there. I say, Can my point is, is there's things around us everywhere, but we can't perceive them there's things in the sky there's things, next to us, maybe these are some of these paranormal experiences where people see these ghosts or app apparitions. Do they exist. Sure they do, they just got a glimpse of them. Normally we cannot perceive them. because our eyes can't take that in. So, I want to get back to my point, just because we don't see something, does that automatically make it not exist. The answer's no. I was walking through the water up and asking Abba last summer, and I was walking down the water and there was fish hatchlings all around my feet, and they were almost translucent, you could barely, barely make them out. And I thought, well, if they were a little bit more translucent, I wouldn't see them. So would that make them automatically not exist no folks know there's so much more out there to perceive and our three dimensional world we can't. There's so many other dimensions out there, we're stuck, here's part of increasing your frequency, increasing your density, increasing your vibrations, you start becoming aware more and more of what there is around you. You can see them you can sense them. This is part of the ascension process. But there's so much more to frequencies, and there's so much more to things that we can't see third dimensional three dimensional world is a pathetic world for my understanding, there's 12 dimensions or more. We're in the third. We need to increase to get to the fourth and the fifth. We need to get out of this three d reality. And the only way we can do it is by increasing our, our frequency, increasing our perception. So just because you can't perceive something or you can't see it. That does not mean that it doesn't exist. There are so much that exists to this all around us.  As a sidebar on a frequency, understand we are a frequency being. And there are certain frequencies that can heal our body. About eight years ago, a scientist cured various illnesses, with different frequency ranges. And of course, after that technology came out, it was grabbed in, put under the carpet and you hear no more about it. But let's talk about one frequency, in general, 432, Hertz, this frequency is a healing frequency. It is a frequency that connects you with Mother Earth, and helps you heal. Back in the Beethoven and Chopin days. All music was based on 432 hertz. When that started becoming popular and the powers to be. Once again I hate that term,,, realize the healing effects that had on people. In the 1940s, the Nazi regime  changed all music frequency from 432 to 440. This in turn, created a very confused individual. It wasn't a healing frequency. It was a confusion frequency that generated, low, low vibrational state. And guess what folks that was adopted by the powers at that time, and it continues today in our music. 440 hertz, is a depressing frequency, yet. All of our music today, or at least most of it is based on that frequency range. It needs to be changed back to Ford 30 to do your research on different frequency modulation. See how they can help you listen to them. Try them out. There is a lot of healing and reconstructive powers in frequency. And we've talked about frequency. But understand 432. There's also 528 and a host of others that are really really good. But then there's some, like for 40 that are not so good. And they're still being used today. They are in everything. Today, we don't know it. But we're subconsciously being programmed with the for 40 frequency hertz to keep our vibrational level low and to keep us depressed and in a bad state. So do your research. Thank you. Thank you.