Good afternoon. I'm going to talk about a subject today which may get me a little bit excited because I feel very very strongly about it. And the articles would be called Get off your knees. And what I mean about that is. Get off your knees, stop praying and asking for help, divine help from somebody else. When they help us within each and every one of us. We try to go back from the beginning. In the beginning, we go back to the Egyptian days, they worshipped all these gods they had a God for everything they had a god for the sun they had a god for the wind they had a god for the up they had a god for the down they had a god for the left they had a god for the right, you get my point. And this continued throughout time. It's gotten a little bit less is a little bit less gods, but there's still a handful of them out there. Back in those times. Yes, there was other beings that were here. And yes, they were technologically way ahead of us. And back then, you could imagine if you were living in the, the Amazon and you saw someone transport from point A to point B or produce something you would think they were a god. But they're not, and none of them are none of them are. They weren't, and they never will be. God's humanity needs to understand, we, we are the God. Each and every one of us. No one any better. No one need less than. We're all the same. We are the God. We are a fractal of the source, every race. Every being on this planet, and every being outside this planet. We're all one, the benevolent, and the benevolent. We are all one. If you look at what's going on today. We're still kneeling and asking for divine help, which is kind of ironic because you're asking for divine help from yourself. I won't kneel to anyone. That's my belief. And I believe we can collectively shape this world, we do. We are the God. Each and every one of us. There is no need to be underneath, asking for someone to come and save us. Only we can save ourselves and that's been said a lot of times and a lot of different articles. We need to save ourselves. We have the power to save ourselves. We need to stop asking for that divine mommy and daddy to come and help us think about it. All we're doing is putting our faith in our, our future in the hopes that somebody else, whoever this divine being maybe will come and fix it for us, and come and help us out, or come and save us. We are the ones that need to do that. No one else is going to, we need to do that, we need to get off our knees and stop waiting and putting this off. We get on our knees we put it off, will if I pray and I pray and I pray and I'm missing praying is wrong, it's not. But when you ask for another being another entity to fix your issues. To help you now. Doesn't make sense to me. Because you, me, each and every one of us has this divinity within us, and we can fix it. It's my thoughts of my beliefs. So the articles, get off your knees. Stop. Delaying and putting off today, what you can fix right now putting it in somebody else's hands. And if it doesn't happen well maybe it'll happen next week well maybe it'll happen next year. Well maybe God will be good to me next year or five years from now. You're the one that needs to fix it. Stop giving this power to something that doesn't exist you're realistically only giving it to yourself. Humanity. Get off your knees. Stop this. Now this is my thoughts. This is my website and this is how I feel about this. I'm not here to please anybody. If you like what I say. There's more articles, maybe it'll spark an interest if you don't go away. I don't want you to I don't need you. I'm not here to please you. I'm not here to say things that you want to hear. I'm here to give you an opposing idea. And believe me, it's not a soul idea. There's thousands of not millions of people who think the exact same thing. So getting back to the media article humanity. Get off of your knees. Fix your issues for only you can fix them. You are the divine. We are the divine one. Hope you enjoyed the article, they'll be more to follow. Thank you.