Hello folks, how are you. I hope all is good with you. I Help your lightning and your awakening on a daily basis. I hope you see all the travesties and everything happening in this world. But I want to touch on one that I thought was very important. It was an awakening for me. I was living, listening to a podcast, the other night, ma'am, drinking tea. And there was five items that the dark have lost control of. And I'm not gonna name with the five more but one stood out in my mind for a long time and I thought about it. And the one is this one, that the dark wanted us to believe that nothing will ever change. Everything will always remain the same and there'll be just repeat after repeat. So I sat there and I thought about that for some reason that resonated with me and I had to think about, how does this apply to me and you, and everybody in everyday life. Subliminal mind control is what it boils down to. He think well how do people do this, how is this being done to us. Well it's pretty, pretty straightforward and pretty obvious when you get a grasp on it and here's how it happens. If everything. Are they want us to believe that every day and everything is going to be the same thing over and over again and nothing is ever going to change. That's the idea. They want us to get in their head. Now, they can't just come out right and say listen, everything is going to be the same, it's going to go over and over and again and it's never gonna change. That's not subliminal programming that's telling you what's going on. If they tell you, you're going to have less of a chance of believing if that if that if they subliminally brainwash you. So here's what they do, if they want to get across the point that everything is the same, it's gonna it's gonna continue and repeat over and over again. Here's what they do is they put that idea into things. For instance, I was sitting there watching my Roku stick and watching a big movie company. And it starts with the letter N and that's all I'm gonna say, and I could not find a movie that was not predictable. Every one of them. Everyone on it was predictable, everyone. So I got halfway through it I said forget this, nothing new is happening. Boom. Do you see what they did, through their repetition of the same genres, but different characters over and over and over, they implant into you, where you start thinking well everyone, every one of these the same I'm not going to watch anymore. That subliminal programming, they're not telling you what they want you to believe they're showing you, and you figure it out. So I sat there, I thought, God, yeah, that's just what I heard on a YouTube video. I turn the movie off saying to myself all they're all the same, I can predict every darn one of them and I can. So instead of them telling you all right, they subliminally put the X in there. And this goes on for, if you, if you still watch mainstream media, I don't know why you would but if you do, It's the same old rhetoric over and over again, everything. Think about it, everything in our lives. Everything is a repeat over and over again. It's designed that way. And then you say well why would they want us to do this, because they will. They want us to think we're perpetually stuck, and that we can't get out of this cycle of the same old same old. When we can. So they subliminally make everything repetitive. Okay, without telling us, and our mind seasoned our minds. These are all the same, just different characters, different sets, but the same theme the same genre, our mind smart enough to realize that. And it says, Everything is the same, nothing is changing. And that's what they want. So I I've said to myself self. I need to get out of this. Okay, and look at every day as being something special, every day is something special. Every day is something new. There is no same old same old. Only if you're stuck in that lower vibrational frequency of same old same old will it be like that. If you could step outside of it and realize none of us, none of this is repeating, we are not stuck. It's not the same old same old over and over again for the rest of our lives. I mean look at work nine to five, nine to five, nine to five, nine to five, you know, how much more repetitive, can you get with that, without telling you what it is, look at things in your life, look at your life, I don't know what it is but do some searching. Look at this philosophy, and then realize how what's been happening to you and me and everybody, since we've been born. And now is the time for us to say, I'm done. I'm done. No more. I'm going to step outside of this realm, I'm going to step outside of the genre. I'm going to reprogram this to believe that and know that every day is beautiful and everything is different. There is no same old and I am not same old same old the nor are you, because when you think everything is the same every day, it doesn't do very much for your spirit. getting your vibration high and realizing the true being that you are, it keeps you in a box. So that's how subliminal programming works. And I figured that one off last night. Pretty deceived Yes, isn't it, but now you know. So pay attention to it, break out of that boundary, raise your vibrational frequency, you'll be a better person. To that I say like I always have love y'all. Peace.

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