Good morning. Today I wanted to ponder the question. What if 99.9% of everything, you know, have learned. CNN TV, read on the internet, etc. is a lie. I watched a good YouTube video about this exact principle yesterday, and they basically said that 99.9% 100% of everything we've ever known, and have ever been taught is a lie. And a lot of it makes sense. Your first question is well why would everything be wrong Why would we be lied to so much in our lives. You can see on TV with the fake news. Now, how the majority of that is a lie. So, where do you draw a line. Where would the lines stop. Theoretically, That line could continue. Again, 100%. Can you ask yourself, well why would our life be a lie. You know, we were told Christopher Columbus founded America when we found out that that's wrong. We're led to believe that our civilization is the greatest and grandest ever on this planet. And that's wrong. We're led to believe that we evolved from primates, and monkeys. Well that's wrong. You know we're led to believe that there's no life and other planets were the only thing in this universe well that's wrong. But you ask yourself why lie, what does it get anybody. Where does it get them, what would that agenda be. I say that agenda would be control. We've talked about keeping us in the dark, keep us on that chromatic wheel of fortune on that hamster wheel our entire life. Working buying working buying working buying dying and life goes on. It's all about control folks. Everything is about control and we need to step out of that control structure. Now, we need to stop this perpetual ly see it for what it really is. Now I don't know if it's 100% or 99.9 or even 70%, but I know it's a very large amount. And all it does is take one lie, and we can see that blatantly on the mainstream media right now. Most of life is a lie. most of what we've been told is a lie. And almost everything we've been taught is a lie. And this perpetuates from the top down. And the reason, again, to keep the little sheep, and their corral, so they don't ask any questions and we can control them. Keep them working and slaving for us that cabal the elite, folks, it's time to take back what is ours. It's time to take our heads out of the sand. Open your eyes, ask the question, What if. Thank you.