Hope all is good.

Yes, this is attempt number three at this video, and everything is working fine now so I should be able to go ahead and get started. I want to say before we get started, the things I'm going to tell you when I answer a question I asked you a question and I give you an answer. It's my answer, doesn't mean you have to believe in I don't want to sound like I know everything or I'm a no at all, because that's not the case here, we have free will and we can accept whatever you want.

Don't accept things we don't want. It's your choice. It is freewill. But when I say an ask a question I give you an answer. It doesn't mean I know the answer. These are my thoughts.

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But I want to start off with this one, and I'm going to call this one is life linear and first we have to define the word linear what is linear mean well linear is something that starts at point A and goes this way to point B and that's the end of it.

And that's what linear means. So we're going to distinguish is life linear, what do I believe is life linear, and we're going to do a really neat experiment at the end of this video. Very simple. You don't really need anything to do it.

And it will really prove whether or not life is linear. So let's get into it a little bit. Is life linear does it start at a place point A, and end at a place point B well society today.

Everything we've ever learned will have us believe that life is truly linear. In other words, we're born on a certain date, and we expire on a certain date and that's it.

You know, it's the 15th of the month. I've got to pay that bill. Next, and then in two weeks, down the road, I've got to pay another bill, or whatever. Everything is based on linear morality is based on a time frame that there's yesterday. And there will be tomorrow.

Like that life doesn't work that way, in my opinion, it's a hard concept to understand it's a hard concept to grasp is life linear. No. Life is now.

Okay, life is now in this moment right now. In other words, what I'm saying is, there was no yesterday and there will be no tomorrow. There is just now. Now we as a society, essentially in society. Boy, that word really kind of an oxymoron isn't it for the human race.

We've been taught that we live by a calendar and a clock. That's our life, that clock in that calendar rules, our life. So, what are the clock and calendar come from, I don't know, I know it came from a long time ago. Okay, I know the Stone. Stone Age man Neanderthal man had no clock hanging on his wall nor a calendar. And yet he survived fine till he became extinct. But he was fine. Okay, somewhere alone line, man. homosapiens develop the clock and calendar. I suspect the calendar came first.

And I suspect. The reason for creating a calendar was as simple as this. I need to know when I plant my seeds. And then I need to know when I harvest my crop. There it is. That's what it was designed for from the very beginning in my opinion.

When do I plant my seeds. Where do I harvest my crop. And then we got into the clock idea, 24 hours a day, you know, okay yeah the Earth spins around, yes and it goes around the sun as a spin so there's more of a calendar. Okay, so what it's going in a circle is it not.

Hmm. We might talk about that circle a little bit is the sun going linear is the earth going linear linearly past the sun. Now, it's going in a circle is the earth moving linearly. No, it's spinning in a circle.

So, this life linear. I don't believe so. Let's do another excuse me. Another neat little experiment. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. And if you have it, a compass. The compass that draw circles when you put the pencil in it draws a perfect circle, you don't need it most people probably don't even have them anymore because it's all done in the computer. But if you have one great if not we'll just imagine this. So let's imagine this, we're going to draw on this paper with the pencil. Okay, the first thing I'm going to ask you to draw is a six inch line, and you go like this, six inch line. Okay. Now the next object I'd like you to draw is a circle. So if you have a compass you draw that perfect circle. Otherwise, you try to do it freehand.

Okay, one of these objects is linear and the other one is nonlinear. Okay, the one that's linear. It's a straight line because it starts here.

And it ends here. The one that's nonlinear is that circle, because it has no starting point. And it has no ending point.

Okay, there's no starting and no ending to that. They're both lines. But look at the difference. We're in a society today that wants us to believe, as a species as a being, we belong to be in that linear straight line realm. In other words, We're born on a certain date we expire on a certain day. Again, this is what they want us to believe, but in reality. We are that circle.

We have no beginning and we will have no end. We just are. And we always have been. And we always will be. It's that circle.

When you marry someone you give them a ring. What is a Ring a Ring is a circle. This is for my undying eternal love that never ends. Isn't that strange, the ring never ends on your finger. There's no beginning to that ring and there's no end to it. Think about it.

So if that's our being here. Why do they want to keep us in a linearly reality.

So we think life, and we are finite beings. So we don't think about the possibility of eternalness and of always being here. So, again, we become very compact, very individualistic entities that are separated from one another. When in reality, we're all one, we are not separated from one another. But it's not what society, the powers to be the Cabal whatever you want. wants us to understand. They want to keep us separated they want to keep us individual, they want to keep us thinking that our life started here, we've only got a certain amount of years to do it and then we're going to go away for good. Folks, in my opinion, nothing farther from the truth than that, that does not happen. We are not a linear being, we're an eternal being.

We have no beginning, we will have no end. That experiment proven to, to the same lines, except one connects back to the beginning and forms a circle, thus creating no beginning and no end.

That is what we are people that is the power within us. That's what everybody running this show, fears, US figuring that out, that we are that eternal being. It's a hard concept. The now concept is very hard to, to understand because we've been using clocks and calendars, since we were born, and they don't really mean anything they're man made objects.

They don't really mean anything because there's just the now. There was no yesterday, there will be no tomorrow there is now hard concept, I understand. I know, Think about it a while. Think about those two lines, one being linear and one being eternal.

Think of where they're trying to keep us, specially during this frickin prom. I'm not going on, they really want you to think linear then don't they.

But we're not people. And with that, I will have a drink of my tea.

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I hope this help cleared up some things. I know the concept about the now is very very hard to understand. But you must think on it a while and it will start to make sense. So until the next video. Be safe. Poor focus mask off, and peace out.