Good afternoon, this audio cast is going to be about the karmic cycle, the karma cycle that Earth finds itself, stuck in.

We've all heard about good karma bad karma. And we've all heard about when we leave this plane that we're all going to have a life review. Well I tend to believe that we will all have this life review. And it's come to my understanding, for quite a few years. During this life review that we're all going to have, we're going to be showing all the beautiful things in this world that we have done all the grand things that how wonderful of a person we were.

And then at the very end. This can be a few things put in their moments of ours that we're not too proud of, not too fond of moments that we've all had everyone, every human being on this planet.

And then we're going to be led to believe that it's karma, and you need to fix this karma. And the only way you can fix the bad things you've done is to try over. And boy, they were really bad need to reincarnate and try to fix it and go over again.

This is a process of an endless loop, endless karmic cycle that no one can break out of unless they wish to understand those energies that control this planet at this point in time, want to keep us endlessly reincarnated back into the planet.

Never moving forward and going on, keeping us in this low frequency. Period.

The thing to understand from my belief in what I have heard from many sources is the one thing we do have in this world is free will. Everyone has free will that cannot be stopped, or taken away.

During this life review. You have the right to say, No, I'm not going back to atone for those few mistakes that I made.

I was this perfect human that can possibly be. No human does not make mistakes and I'm not going to reincarnate and try it over again, and over, and over, and over, you see the cycle we get ourselves stuck in. And this is what's being propagated here in Planet Earth today.

The Karmatic Matic hamster wheel I call it.

You have the right to say no. You have the free will to say No, I am not going back, understand this, there is no human being on the face of this planet that is perfect and has not made mistakes. Even the Pope. And we can go into that one. I'm sure from everything we've heard and read pretty deeply, but everybody makes mistakes. We need mistakes, to learn.

We need to understand what we've done wrong to understand that it was a mistake and not to do it again. That is part of our journey that's part of the learning process. It is not a life problem that you're going to be led to believe, and that you must go back and tone for it to get it fixed. Because remember once you get on this karmic hamster wheel, there's no getting off, you'll do this over and over and over again through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

I, for one, I'm gonna get off. I do not want to come back here. I want to move forward. And I have the right to say that I have the free will to say, No, I'm not going back to atone for these few things that you consider terrible.

Do your best in life be the best person you can possibly be.

That's all you can do as a human.

What you do is up to you. I know my choice. Remember, you have the right to say no. It's up to you. Thank you.