Hello guys and girls. Hello everybody. I hope your life is good. I hope your days are working out well for you. Today is August 27. And yes, I'm in my, Park, and, yes, I'll be leaving Pretty soon, sad time for me but it's a happy time for me also. There's a lot of good stuff. Always out there for us. But I want to talk to everybody about how not to live life. And I got a little sip left in here. That one's gone, how not to live life. And this comes from a voice of. I've done a bender done that got that T shirt. Okay. I've made this mistake. We've all make this mistake, because the way we're raised, how we're taught in our so called schools. They're really not schools, their doctrine ation camps. Okay, that's all they are. And I hope you starting to see that in today's environment, how their doctrine ated kids to BLM and Black Panthers and how good they are for us. Okay, and how they side the union side on defunding The police will go down there anymore. But understand schools aren't at schools anymore Like we used to know them. Their indoctrination camps. But ever since we've been young, we've been taught to live our life in a bubble. And I want to say a periscope where we live our life like this, it looks like a periscope doesn't it. And all I see is this little bit of everything ahead of me wherever I go, I just see this little bit. That's all I concentrate on like I'm looking through a periscope. It's a little bit of the world. Oh, how do I pay their mortgage tomorrow. Well, how do I pay that bill in a week from now. Well, how do I get through this. Two months. It's very short sighted. It's a periscope bill. And we're all guilty of that, including me, because that's how we were indoctrinated, we were taught that oh you had to pay your bill on time well sure you do, but you can't become periscoping, and not see the rest of the world that's unfolding and unraveling right in front of you, everything, everything what is the last time you stopped and looked up and just looked up or looked at the magnificence of the trees are beautiful they are. When is it the last time you contemplated that. No, you were probably stuck here. And you relied on external media to fill this void, because you're not looking here. You're just doing this. So you rely on external media mainstream media to tell you what's going on outside of here because you're not freaking looking, and you believe what they're telling you, which is a false narrative. False. False. False. What you need to do folks is take the periscope off. Stop with this craziness. Take the periscope off. Look at the beauty, sit there and gaze at the stars When's the last time you did that was the last time you saw the Milky Way and wondered. In all, What is this and where am I in this world. And you know what if you do, and you do it for a while. The answers will be presented to you. But as long as you live here. You're going to be those ants, and I'm not doubting the ants Believe me, they're very, very smart creatures, but you're just going to be just running along the roads. Have you ever seen a big city from up above. It's like ants card cars like ants ants going ants going it's going it's going it's going. It's all it is, whether the ants stop. When do we start listening, looking beyond me Sure I will story with you. The other day I was at a bar. Yeah, because I'm bored. But I was in this bar and it was kind of dark and gloomy and whatever and I looked outside and I thought you know there's picnic tables out there, people are sitting there. Let me go outside so one outside and sat down in the bright sun, with all the clouds and. And I felt this instant relief of having a zombie film felt like I could breathe it It felt so good. I'm thinking why do I ever want to go back in there. If I can feel this good out here. Okay. This is the society we're in this is, this is where we live. This is how we live. I know people I see him every day and they're walking like this. They won't even say hello to you. They don't even know your frickin coming up because they're just looking right here. They're not looking up here, or even the gosh forbid up here. They can't see past their frickin feet. So we need to get out of this people. We got to stop, allowing media to fill in for our mistakes. This is our mistake. Yes, we've been indoctrinated to that time for that to stop. I always say take the blinders off well take the periscope off people take it off. Take it off. And look at this beautiful place we live in. Look at the beauty of the audits here every day, every single minute. But you're missing it all, because you're so wrapped up in today. Why don't you. Excuse me, what I'm gonna do today. How am I gonna pay that mortgage tomorrow. I'm not saying, throw this stuff out the window. But don't let it consume your life toward that's all you're thinking about, I find myself going down the road all time and I've got to say timeout stop. Think of the beauty. Think of what you've seen. Think of what you felt. Think about that. You remove it, it brings me back something I do every day, I might have to do it every hour of every day. I'm gonna have to do it every five minutes of every day. Because there's never going to be right now done and forgotten. Okay, I'll always be going back to this mode. And I kind of break out of it. It's so do you get out of this mode, break out of it. Not saying change your life drastically messy, don't pay your bills. I'm not saying that. Okay, but get out of this periscope ik mode. That's all you see in this world is this little fraction of just what's in front of you. When there is so much more out there clamoring for your acknowledgement and saying, Look at me, look at me. I can help it the other day when I walked outside and said that picnic table. It helped. It felt like Hollywood 400 pounds lifted off of me from that dungeon I was in two. Oh my God, this feels wonderful. I knew where I was supposed to be I could feel it. And this has come through a lot of searching and a lot of looking at enlightenment. And I'm there. I know what's right and what's wrong, I can feel it. And when I feel it it's obvious. There was no questions about it. It's like, Oh, yeah, that's what I've got to do. I know that. Now you need to know that. Get out of your Periscope, get out of your Periscope, get rid of it, take baby steps. Remember, this does not happen overnight. This takes years and years and years of work, but you will get there. I can guarantee you, because you're the same kind of a soul as I am. You will get there. But it's gonna take some time people like anything, learning to play the guitar or the drums doesn't happen overnight. Okay. And this is what we need to start asking. It's not about me, It's about us as a collective. So that's what I wanted to say, I'm putting this on my website is called Get out of the periscope, get out of that view. I know I've said it in other videos, but it's important folks, until you do this. This is step number one, Intel you break this genre. Until you break this you're never gonna go anywhere. You will never ascend past this point, you will always be, well how do I pay well where do I go. That's where they want you people. That's where they want you don't allow that happens. Okay. But until you break this. You can't go farther. This is step number one. Break the break the periscopic view started looking at the beauty and everything there is there, understand what a tree is. Do you know what a tree is. Yeah, seems like a simple question doesn't it. The answer isn't simple. It's not simple at all. I'm not going to give it to you. That's for you to figure out, but it's not what you've been told it's a stupid plant to the ground. Okay, so much more. So, so, so much more. That's when you start thinking about when you get on with the periscopic view. So with that, I'm going to say, peace out. I'm going to shut voice off, hope you all have a good day.