I have for a long time probably the last 5 or so years been keenly aware of a set pattern of numbers that I seem to see all the time. That sequence is "757". Thought that was quite odd but since I flew the Boeing 757 for many years
I just thought it had something to do with that. The more I thought about it the less it made sense. Why would I be constantly
shown that sequence, and what did it have to do with the airplane? Well I finally thought that it was time to do some research, but really didn't expect much except google telling me it was the number of an
airplane, was I surprised to find this out: Here is an excerpt on some of what I found and there is alot out there: " The number 757 brings you peace of mind wherever you go.  This Angel may bring you 757 by nudging you to look at a clock at a certain time, or towards a license plate with this pattern.  Those who are shown this number sequence often, should take note and listen to the message Angel Number 757 is offering. " This happens all the time to me, almost all the time that I glance at the clock this sequence appears. Last night it did for some reason I looked at the clock only once and it was 7:57. Here is some more of what I found: Angels are with us every step of the way in life, and number 757 brings us the support we need by reminding us the Divine is with us and carrying messages in many ways. Number 757 strives to bring a sense of purity to our lives.  Purity comes in many forms and also represents simplicity.  Simplistic living brings us to a more harmonious lifestyle.  Purity and simplicity brings us closer to spiritual awakenings, closer to Godliness, and closer to enlightenment. The less material goods we have, the less gluttony we suffer.  Under rule of this Angel, we are able to focus our thoughts and actions in pure ways that serve ourselves and others, as well as the celestial world. Number 757 has a significant ability to lead and develop this Angel’s followers.  As a leader, he brings us to recognize our true and basic abilities.  With these realizations, we are then able to grow, develop, and flourish under his direction.  He wishes for us to be directed away from sin and impure action.  He brings us a strong conscience and a strong need to make things right. Do your research if you have the same thing happening. NEVER just take anything for granted, there is meaning in EVERYTHING

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