Religion specifically organized main stream religion, this is a rather lengthly topic that I am sure will garner many comments, but here goes. This is something that has been in mankind and humankind's
presence, since the beginning of time, what is religion. What is it morphed into these days. I'm sure it's not the same as it was when it was during this initial concept.
But I believe, and we all have the right to believe what we want to believe.
Let's understand first of all, what religion is not.
It is not a concrete set methodology that just because one person believes in it that everyone else has to follow suit and if they don't, they're inherently wrong.
Or, if I don't believe in your religion and how you worship your God, then you're wrong, or you are not a good person. Let's face it, religion is caused all the wars in this world and it continues to this minute and to this day to cause conflict.
The left versus the East the East versus the left the top versus the bottom, etc etc etc.
to get back to what I believe religion was why it was created, it was created, almost surely as a control structure.
It was created to keep people in line to keep the little worker bees in line to put the fear in them that if they don't adhere by certain policies and principles, which I'm not saying are wrong, that they will go to a bad place when they die, again, man fears, death, which we really shouldn't, but we do and we look to our religious leaders to inspire us or give us some kind of comfort. So when that inevitable day does happen. We know we're going to go to a good place well religion was created to keep people in line, it's going to give you the dualistic ideology that if you're not a good person you're going to go to a bad place. If you are a good person and you strive to be a good person. And I'm not saying this is wrong, you will go to a good place.
It's creating good and evil, when in reality.
I want to say neither exists, they both exist.
One complements each other, you must have good to understand evil you must have evil to understand good, but religion played on this philosophy and this thought. And then it morphed into what it is today. There's all these religious sects throughout the world. And each bipedalism kneels to its own God, and it's God is the best and you're an infidel if you don't believe in their God and they'll take your life etc etc. It's gotten way out of hand.
organized religion. I have a very large contempt for.
I believe that it.
It is the epitome of control is epitome of sarcasm.
It is a pit of me of hypocrisy. For instance, they will preach to you all day long about how money is the root of all evil. And then at the end of your mass they'll pass around the bucket, in which you're supposed to tied. By the way, a certain percentage of your earnings.
So that money can go to a tax free organization.
You get the picture here.
People have the right to believe in whomever and whatever they want and everybody is right. No one religion is right, and no one religions are wrong. They're all right.
Here's the principle and philosophy, we have to get to.
There is a one Supreme. There is one source.
No matter what you call it, no matter how you worship it. We're all worshiping the same source.
So let's not create our own factions depending on where we live in the world, make our own God, when in reality. There's only one.
And it's for everyone. And we need to understand that there needs to be a one God, a one religion.
But that's just my thoughts.
I've seen so many bad things happen in this world,
under the name of religion.
If only people could understand or prop that there is one God.
And we're all worshiping, no matter what we call it, it's the same one.
So let's stop with the hatred and the bigotry, the name calling.
Let's get to what's really important in this world. Let's understand ourselves and our place in this universe.
And our place with this God.  Want to add as a sidebar here into my religion article about God. And people that are always bowing to God and kneeling to God asking for miracles to happen. Save us help us. We can't do it ourselves. And have a problem with that bowing to anyone because we, in my estimation and what I have learned. We are all gods. We are the God. We don't need to kneel or bow to anyone. We need to take our issues are problems, fix them for ourselves and get off our knees. We need to do this for ourselves. We need to pull up our bootstraps and do this for ourselves. I'll tell you a little story. I once knew one, someone who had a very sick child and the child was teetering probably passing, and a priest, Pastor whatever you want to call this individual got ahold of this child and its mother, and they prayed together, and the child's life was spared. And the miracle has happened. And God had done it for these people. And they believe God did it. I don't know for sure. I I'm guessing here but I don't think God did anything. I think the collective effort of a couple people praying together as a collective save that child. I don't believe anybody came down from the heavens, an answer to prayer. I believe in collective prayer. I believe religion is good for one thing, and only one thing that is getting people together in masses to pray in masses, because this is how we're going to take back our world as a collective. That is an individual, which they want to keep us as individuals, but as a collective. I believe in miracles happened is because of the collective souls of people praying together. That's our power. That's our strength as the human race. Our collective. Remember society wants to keep us as individuals, when really, We're all just one. We are not individuals. We are one. We're fractals of a one. Don't let society puts you in your little pigeon holes, you're black you're white you're green you're yellow your pink your orange you're, you're Buddhist you're, you're Catholic Don't let them do that, because that's what they want to do that keeps us divided that keeps us separate our power as the human being as the human spirit is our collectiveness like the Borg collective in Star Trek. We are the collective that series was right on. Again, it was a little bit out there, but it was right on about a race, a collective race that work together. That's what we need to become I'm not saying the Borg. But we need to become a collective, we can perform those miracles. Together, we can take our planet back.