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Hello everybody, how are you. I'm gonna make a recording and not a video this time because no one wants to see my face. I just assumed put the audio up. So that's what I'm gonna do. Because I'm just walking in thinking. And it's been quite a while, and a lot of things have happened. This is the June, December rather 18th. So a lot of stuff is going down. A lot of things are happening right now. What I've learned is that life goes on. But we as people human beings. In this life structure, are in a play. In other words, we're characters in a big play a play that we do not. I say again, a play that we do not control. This play has been laid out for eons by the Cabal, the regressive beings that are so much smarter than us at least the regressive beings are not so much the Cabal. They have us in a play, and we are playing characters, every day. We are punching a time clock from eight to five every day. We are running their treadmill. We are the characters in their play that they're creating. And they're throwing out all these rabbit holes for us to go down, like the election was a fraud well yes it was a fricking fraud. Okay. They want us to go down that rabbit hole. And then you see another headline lindsey graham says that hunter Biden is blah blah blah. Well no shit. This is something we all should understand. And this is not going to stop. It's not going to stop. Because we don't control the play. We are nothing more than characters on the stand, or on the theater. And we're allowing them to control what we do, by giving them the right to do that. We have given them the right to control our lives. We've given our sovereignty away. And we're nothing more than a character in a fucking play right now, a play, not controlled by us. And we need to get out from this now. We need to step out of the play. Now I'm not saying we got to fall off the grid and do all this kind of bullshit, no we can't do that. Now, we can't do that now. We got to do this step by step by step by step, because we've been so inundated into this play for so long it's gonna take us a while to get our self out of it. But we can do it. But our first step, and most important step is under law at understanding the play, we are in the parks, we are playing willfully. And some of us are on autopilot most of us are on autopilot, just going through an everyday try to make an existence. Okay, they created the play. So you had to struggle to make an existence. They made it that way on purpose. So you didn't. And don't have the time to understand you're in a freaking play. And you're going through your daily routine, doing what they want you to do. Looking at the media god. Oh that's hypocrisy. Oh that's wrong. I'm gonna figure this out I'm gonna figure that out. I'm gonna look at this, I'm on this side I'm on that side. I don't like this I do like that. And all you do is keep all we do is keep chasing rabbits. They're doing this on purpose to us. They are the conductors of the play. And we need to take our playback. As I said on my website. I am done. Dancing your dance. I will now dance mine. First step to fixing this is realizing You're nothing but a character in somebody else's big play. And it's all you're doing, look at the people around you watch them. They're mindless, they're an autopilot, playing the character as they think they supposed to play that they've been told they were supposed to play without even thinking for themselves, just allowing themselves to go on and on and on and on. And we need to stop this, but we first have to realize that we are in this play. And we are characters in someone else's play and we're not conducting it somebody else's COVID. Oh, this is the biggest scam. In my lifetime. Biggest scam, and people are falling for it, hook line and sinker. They're out there they're masked up and they're thinking they're safe and they look at me without it, and they give me the, the evil eye. They bought l the narratives, everything MSM mainstream media told them they bought it. You don't think that's a character to play with no mind of its own will tell me what to do, how do I do it. What should I say what should I do, tell me please tell me, conduct your own fucking play. Stop. Think for yourself. I've said it over and over and over and over on this website. And yet, 99% of the people where I'm at right now are fucking messed up. 99 99.9. I'm probably the only one that's not. None of them are thinking they're allowing somebody else to control the play, we need to take back control of our play. It's ours, not theirs. It's our play. And that's where we need to stand up. This is where we need to take control of our play. We need to dance, our dance. Not for them. So I hope you can see this look at life as being in a play and watch the people this go through it, mindlessly mindlessly. I understand you got to make a living. I understand what you got to do. I'm not saying don't do it. Right now we are in a position where we can't not do it. But we can understand that it's there what it's due to us, step one, step two, we can start working on getting it fixed and getting those conductors out. And God. So we can conduct our own play. And people when this happens. And we gain control, we're gonna have a beautiful world if it's not too late. It is getting to a point where it may be too late. Pretty soon, and we don't get a grasp of this. If we don't get a hold of this we're gonna lose our frickin planet. We've already done almost irreparable harm to the damn thing. Marching and playing their games, their oil games, their big energy games their nuclear reactor games. The games for them. They're play for them. Now it's our turn people. We got to stop this. It's the most important thing we can do. And this COVID thing, see it for what it is, it's a control mechanism is all it is. And you're going to go out there and get a vaccination it's only been oh my god you're out of your minds. That's been out for six months, you're going to get vaccinated, with a PCR vaccination or a PCR but I forget what it's called, it's a it's a it's a gene that's designed to modify your fricking DNA, you're gonna get a vaccination, with a, with it. What's it What's a gene that's designed to modify here, fucking DNA. Come on people. Come on, stop being characters in somebody else's play. It's time for us to stand up. It's time for us to get the play in our hands. It's time people. It's time. If not now, when because it's almost too late. So with that, I'm going to say, I hope you have a good day. Health this stuff rings home and I hope you listen to this. God bless you all and I love you all..

Hey folks, I'm back. I just wanted to throw a sidebar in here. Something I thought was important that I forgot to put into the original recording was people that are going out thinking that if I get the vaccination, quote unquote, and you live life is going to go back to being normal. Well, people, life will never go back to being normal ever again because you don't control the play. Do you see that you do not control the place someone else is controlling the play, and life will never, ever, ever be what it was a year ago, no matter what anybody does. Whether you get the vaccination and put your life in the line or not. It will never go back because you don't control the, we don't control the play. Okay we've given it up, we gave it away to people who take care of us. And they screwed us soul, all you vaxxers out there. Understand. It's your choice to do what you want. But just because you get that vaccination, does not mean life will go back for you, back to the way it was. It will never go back there, ever, ever, ever, because we do not control the play. We don't control what's going on. The play the theater what I talked about in the previous audio cast, we don't control it. So you getting a vaccination is not going to make life any better, and we're not going to ever, ever go back to where we were, understand that, please. Thank you.

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