Okay, this is another very deep article but I want to talk about the controllers of this world. I will refer to them as the Cabal, also known as the Illuminati. If you do some research you'll find out that hundred percent of the world is owned by I believe the number is somewhere around 60 large corporations they control the world, they control every aspect of it. Of those 60 some odd corporations are owned by a couple dozen people, the richest people in the world. I'm not going to mention names here. Okay, but some of their names are very  distinguishable In other words, you've heard of them in the past. But they control everything, every aspect of our lives from religion to the, the, the, the power systems, you know, the energy systems to government to the media to Hollywood to everything they've had hundreds and hundreds of years, allowing their tentacles to infiltrate all these organizations and put their people in. So what makes them special. Well, the answer to that in a nutshell is nothing, but they think they are descendants of gods. During the alien article or UFO Alien article that we did. We talked about other races being here on Earth. Well, I believe the numbers, 18 20,000 years ago and 12,500 rings the bell but it was a long time ago, our race came this planet called the "AnnuNaki". And they were the creators of man. And what man did after the knock he helped construct them through their DNA and DNA methylation was worship them as gods to filter her knees right away. They weren't gods, but, you know, think about someone standing in front of you with technology 5 million years ahead of it, you'd look like a god but they weren't gods. The point I'm trying to make is, those in power today and I hope they lose it real soon but those in power today think they are descendants bloodline of these under NACA gods. Thus they think they're more important, and they're better than the rest of humanity, and they have the right to use us as they wish. This is their problem. This is my problem, we're all equal in this world, no one is any better. And no one is any less than anyone else, we are all the same. But this cabal of people think they are better. And that they have the right to control us, and they do. Unfortunately they do. They pretty much control every aspect of our lives through the structures we talked about before, you know the educational system how we're taught, we're taught is false. Our scientists and majority of our scientists are bought off, they don't know what they're talking about but yet they have to continue this facade. The Big Bang Theory happened, it just, it's a facade, but they're bought off, you know the the energy system. We're polluting the atmosphere. We have free energy, but we're not going to get it, as long as they maintain their stranglehold on us. It's got to stop and I'd like to see this stop in my lifetime. Well, yeah. One big facet of our life that they own that I didn't touch on is the Federal Reserve. That's a big one. They keep us working for that piece of paper which really doesn't exist, our entire lives so they can make more live a better life. And it's throw us away when we're done and we're pretty much, you know, we live that cycle of, you know, consumed by breathe and die. And that's what they want, but they own the Federal Reserve to. They were instrumental in starting World War One and World War Two for their own sinister reasons. If we could look into how deep. All of this goes. I guess to say we probably be depressed. We'd be mad. Some of us would Alex would say that can't happen that that's just not going to happen. But it did folks, and it's happening as we speak, it's slowly being dismantled. If you do your research, you'll see a lot of this is coming down, but there's a lot of opposition still. I'll continue on with the Cabal later. Thank you.