The Matrix what is it? I hear it being talked about quite frequently but I am still confused.  Okay, let's talk today about the matrix, not the movie The Matrix bit in a sense, very much, the movie The Matrix. Because what the matrix movie is portraying. In reality, is happening here. Understand this at a sidebar. A lot of movies that are out in Hollywood today are classified as science fiction. They want you to believe that they're made up. But in reality, a lot of the movies, if not all, have some semblance of truth, and the matrix is no exception to that rule. Approximately 12,500 years ago civilization came to this planet, and created a matrix structure. You can think of that as a hologram emanating from the moon, that's where it's projected from their intent was to help this our civilization grow. But they left their structure and their matrix in place left the solar system, and another not so benevolent race of beings, took a hold of it, or rather, hacked it, and are still controlling that matrix, to this day, it was only supposed to be a temporary thing. By being that these beings are not very nice, they've continued to use of it. What the matrix does essentially is lower our frequency it emits vibrations here we go back to that frequency methodology and everything in the universe is based on frequency, it emanates low vibrations, low frequencies that go through our bodies keeps our spirits low keeps us down downtrodden was me, life will never get any better. So we can never increase our frequency. The idea is to increase your frequency and ascend. But because of this matrix imposed on us. This hologram. We can't do that. That's being changed hopefully as we speak. I want to give kudos to a YouTuber out there who has a very very good YouTube site, in which he explains the matrix, the hologram how it has to be that, because of there's there's so many coincidences and idiosyncrasies and connections that it would be impossible for it not to be planned hologram. The name of that website or other YouTube video is the quantum of consciousness. His name is Matt I'm giving him plugs here. Please go see him, and see what he has done. So this matrix has been imposed upon us. It's been hijacked by some malevolent beings who are in control of it today. Hopefully it's being changed. What you can do is try to raise your vibration your frequency, your density. Don't let this world get you down. Think positive thoughts think good thoughts things good will come back to you then raise your vibration your vibration, raise your frequency look at the beauty. Again, it said half the glass being half empty, make the glass half full. Thank you.