Time... were all subject to it, at least that's what we've been told our entire life. Time to go to bed, time to go to work, time to go to your appointment, time to live, time to die etc etc. So what is this enigmatic word "Time"?? It has been said that in reality there is no time, only now. WE have created the meaining and purpose of time. We have created the calendar and clock system. WHY? I think the initial reason was for "control" of the people. The control structure must have a way to keep everyone working and working and working. The pyramids did not get built by themselves. Without the clock, well you can imagine the problem. But that philosophy has transcended until current time. Do we still need this form of control? Are we really just mindless sheep/slaves? Yes we are. Ok enough said about the clock lets talk TIME. As previopusly explained it is said that TIme does not really exist, only NOW. Take for instance as an explanation can you ever really go into the past? No (so why hold yourself to regrets there?) can you ever go to tomorrow? No when "tomorrow" exists it is NOW. SO the only time is right "NOW".
Think about time like this, this is a very hard concept to grasp. If we as humans do not "shut down" at night when we sleep(as MSM scientists tell us)and we essentially are awake/aware 24/7 then yesterday and tomorrow will never exist! Only the NOW. The point that is almost always made is we shoud live in the NOW, not regretting anything of  the past and now chasing that "golden carrot" of tomorrow. We live in always in the past or future and neglect the now that is the most important period. Yes MSM, school,parents all that mind control has made us chase the "carrot"( which we can never get to,, its set up that way) our whole lives never achieving our ultimate goal and all along missing the NOW. Look at nature, the sky the trees see the beauty in all this, stop thinking about tomorrow, one year from now, or someone who has hurt you in the past. Live for TODAY, its hard and it will take a lifetime of dedication to achieve but it can be. Lets look at our pathetic life cycle that we all have been "bred" into. Unfortunatly this is our lifecycle as we know it today, pathetic to say the least where in the cyclye is there any time for US? No where and thats its purpose. Remember as far as the "ruling Class"(I hate that term) is concerned that's all your worth to them. Getting a little off track here so lets present yet another scenario to think about:
Lets say were on a walk from point a to our desination point b. As you leave "a" towards "b" can you ever see the past? That is from where you came? Some say sure just turn around and take a look, but I say right but as you do that the past( the path behind you) now becomes the destination(in front of you). We do not have "Eyes in the back of our heads", we were never meant to see the past only the future. In my ideas its impossible to see the past just like it really is impossible to see the current time. That is right now . How do you look right now? Do you have green eyes, blonde hair etc? Impossible to tell because we can Never see ourselves as we are currently on as we are in the past. Sure lets say we look in the mirror. Is that as we are right now? Now its as we are in the past, because the light and  reflection to time(millesceconds)never the less to reach our eyes. So what we see in the mirror is an image of us in the past.