We've heard about it our entire life, ever since we were children, Little Green Man, men from Mars. And we've been taught that if you believe in these things, now you're called are labeled a conspiracy theorist. And attached to that is the stigma of somebody wearing 10 hats and your cook, you're not? Well, since I was young, I've researched and looked into this. And it's been going on my entire lifetime, that 60 plus years. If you have a puzzle, let's say it consists of 500 pieces. And 497 of the pieces are already put together in the puzzle, and it's looking beautiful. Do you really think the last three pieces will not fit? Well,  in the sense of the word, that's where we are today. There's been so many people over the last 60 years of my life that have come out out of the woodwork, told her their experiences, told what they've learned. There's been whistleblowers from the military working on reverse technology craft that have been shot down and reverse engineered. There's just too much information. There's too many people for this to be a conspiracy theory. It's no longer a theory. And it's not conspiracy. It's happening and it's happened. There has been extraterrestrial races on this planet since its evolution, way before man ever came into existence. And they've never left, they're still here. Now let's talk about those races. You're going to say, Well, I'm this human being and I'd never saw one. So they can't exist. We've talked about that before. If you see something, or you don't see something, does that mean, it's not there? Well think about a very advanced civilization, millions of years more advanced than we are coming from another star system faster than the speed of light coming to earth to do whatever they do. I guess it's experimentation. Do you really think if they didn't want us to see them? that we would? Again, we've talked about our limited frequency, our limited visual spectrum. We've only got one inch out of three feet that we can see. Of course they wouldn't. You wouldn't see them. They're so far advanced, you wouldn't see them. But they're here. And I truly believe they're amongst us. And they've been amongst us for a long time. You know, Star Trek, turn on the cloaking shields, Captain? Well, that's nothing farther from the truth they have that all of their ships are cloaked. So you can look up and see him? Wouldn't that be a technology than an advanced civilization? Who would want to perfect right from the get go? Sure, it would be. You need to be able to go somewhere and no one see are there amongst other things? Can you even imagine a civilization a million years more advanced than us? We're Stone Age, we're still monkeys, throwing dung, up and down and run running through the woods. So getting back to ETS, they do exist. There's many, many races. They're here today, their orbit today they're on this planet today. Some malevolent, some malevolent. We've talked about the malevolent ones that have gotten control of our matrix, hacked it, and kept us in a low vibrational state for their benefit. But there's a lot of good ones. And they are being interacted with our governments, governments of the world, the United Nations, all of it. Folks, there's a lot of things you're not being told in this world. It stems so deep. So far, so many entanglements. This is just one of them. Why don't they land in the White House lawn? Yeah. Okay. What would that? What would it get us? So they land in the White House lawn, a bunch of people freak out. And it won't happen. There isn't that many open minded people, the majority of people I think are, I think today have their head in the sand. They're like an ostrich with their head stuck in the sand. They don't want to know, they just want to continue their lives and they don't want everything to something else out there. will open your mind ask that what if question. They're here. They can't just land in the White House lawn. This has got to be through a Disclosure Project. And it's slowly happening. Although the one the Disclosure Project coming out of the government, controlled by the government is going to be a trickle explode x disclosure. In other words, we're going to get a drop at a time. It'll never be disclosed in my lifetime. And I want to see it all come out in my lifetime. But I hope it does. We need full disclosure, we need it now. There's technologies that are government through the black projects, which is be another article has confiscated and back engineered that can produce free energy. Pure clean water. No more people starving number of people being without power, no more polluting of the atmosphere, Mother Earth. We have this. But the control system, the Cabal, which we'll talk about in another article, also known as some people refer to them as the Illuminati, who are the controllers of this show. Those pulling our strings don't want this technology to come up because they would lose their control. But getting back to the extraterrestrials, they exist, they've been here. They've been here for a long time. And they are not. Here's the big thing. They are not gods. They are entities like we are as a matter of fact, in the evolutionary scheme, we're all the same. They're just a different branch. But they are not God's will continue with this later.

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