Hello folks. I hope everything is good with you. As we get going with this next podcast. This may be a relatively short one. But before we get into it, please like and subscribe you know the bell thing and the like. And please do all of that for me. I want to call this podcast what the law of attraction isn't. And I've thought a lot about this like everybody has in this, it's a very dcbs term law of attraction. Now what we have to understand is society. As always, has tried to control the narrative. In other words, control, what we believe is true so they have integrated upon us over many years of life in school and above everything ideas of what the law of attraction is so if I would ask somebody in history, what do you think the law of attraction is, they would say well you know Boy Meets Girl. Girl Meets boy, boy loves girl girl loves boy they get attracted to each other. Okay, because that's what they're. We're told on TV. We're told everywhere. We're told in high school. Well, that isn't the law of attraction. That is not what the law of attraction is, we'll get into what it is in a bit. Okay. It's not what the law of attraction is but that's what they want us to believe. So what is the law of attraction law of attraction with law of attraction simply says, or states or. Is that what you desire. Most, you will manifest. Okay, now let's get into another colloquial misnomer here. Oh, so if I want something and I really really wanted to get it so I want a million dollars now. No, it's not like finding a magic lamp and rubbing a genie and saying what is your wish. I want a million dollars poof, there it is. No, but that's another misnomer, that they want you to believe. That is what the law of attraction isn't what the law of attraction is. What is your strongest desires. What are your strongest desires I don't know which one's. Correct. Whatever your strongest desire is, you will manifest more often. So let's think of this situation, you know, um, you know you're a single person you're looking for a mate you're looking for a relationship. I can't find it, I can't find it, it's not there what's wrong with me. How come I can't find it, why would somebody do it. Will your strongest emotion, your number one emotion I don't think that's the right term but your number one, thoughts is, why don't I have it. Okay, that's consuming the majority of your day. Why don't I have it. And the law of attraction says that what you desire or think about the most, which in this case is, why don't I have it. you will manifest more so you will manifest more of not having it. You see, that's kind of how it works. It's a little bit confusion because it's called the law of attraction, it's like well I want something should attract it to me. Well, you will you will attract your largest desires, no matter what they are, if you have if you're every day you're just totally inundated with Why don't I have this Why don't I have that. Why is there no one of my life Why can't I find somebody, why is nobody ever good enough. Well, you're going to attract more of that, it's just going to be a never ending cycle. It won't style, you will just have the same old, same old. And people don't understand that the last video I said, I did well i think it's down here at the bottom of the front page is you need to figure it out for yourself and stop looking for somebody else to fulfill you to make you to help you. You know, not that people don't want to help but so many times people are looking outside of themselves to figure out what's in their heart, how can somebody tell you what's in your heart, only you know that. So I hope that clears up the law of attraction because it's not what the term sounds like. Remember it is, you will you will get more of what your largest desires are and desires or lack of desires. Okay, thoughts that Columbus thoughts for me made it easy, is what am I think about the most in a day, that is what's coming back to me again. I'm thinking about beautiful things you're gonna get beautiful things back but if you're thinking about what was me. Why haven't I, where is that person. Why not, that's just gonna come back to you over and over and over, and over, that that's the law of attraction folks, and it can be cat and mouse kind of a game until you understand it. It's not what I want a million dollars tomorrow, like rubbing a genie in the bottle. That is not what the law of attraction is doesn't care. What's ever. Number one, and your thought process on a daily basis, that takes up most of the brain cells that you're continuously thinking about, you're going to manifest more of that. So why do people never get anywhere. Sure. What was me. I'm down in the dumps. Nobody loves me Nobody likes me. And it just goes on and on and on. You just get more of that back. So is that a hard. Yeah, it's hard to stop some of this stuff because, again, we've been programmed and told our whole lives that this is what is this is how it works. Folks, that is not what the law of attraction is. And now I hope I cleared it cleared up a little bit for you. So I'm putting this in a webpage, and we're gonna go with it so please like and subscribe. Go over to my website, wherever it is, and which side is here, share it. I thank you very much, folks. Until then, have a good day.

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