Good afternoon. I am on my walk so we may hear some external sounds. And I apologize for those this audio cast is going to be called the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms and what I think of that. I think we start thinking about our right, as an American citizen to bear arms. It is a constitutional right. I personally am a gun owner, I believe, 100%. In the second amendment. But let's stop and think of a life, a society that doesn't have a second amendment and has no need for it. The utopian society we all wish we could live in. What is the reason we have arms. I would say mainly is probably just to protect ourselves. Well, who are we protecting ourselves from the dishonest people that want to take something that is not there, or hurt us. When it boils down to.And why do people want to take something because they don't have it. Again, here comes the dichotomy of parallel isms in the society the rich the poor, all set up all set up. All set up on purpose. all done on purpose. And if you think about the Second Amendment and how they're pushing it. You know I hate to get into political issues here but let's think of think of it in the terms they want us to think of it in so we can pick it apart. The Democrats want the Second Amendment gone, the republicans don't. Now, are the Democrats, the God Almighty, right. Left wingers. They're not God Almighty their reasoning for taking away our firearms is very. I don't want to call it dysfunctional, But it is not true. If their reason for taking away our firearms just so they can have more power and control over us bottom line, period. That's the reason I'm a second amendment advocate and will not give up my firearms. When society can get to a point where no longer needs this. In other words, I no longer feel threatened ever by any stranger, or any government anywhere on the face of the earth. Because, greed, killing in the name of religion because of their God, who they think is better than others. All of this is a thing of the past. When that time comes, I would happily give up every firearm I ever. I think it's going to happen. Sure, my lifetime, probably not. But it needs to happen for the human race to ascend and go where it's supposed to go. But they're using the Second Amendment The, the right to bear arms. They're using it as a very decisively to control us. Those who do and those who don't. Once again, it's a control structure, and they're going to keep rattling their sabers are going to take your second amendment away. And then the other wing that says we're going to protect your second amendment you see the point I'm trying to make is there continuing this saber rattling between the two of them to keep us upset. To keep us fighting amongst ourselves. It's, it's there. Unfortunately, right now what's needed because in today's society, somebody would drive you. Somebody would come into your home, unannounced. Somebody would hurt you. So yes, we need it right now. I like I said, I have firearms, do I use them know they're there to protect me. That's all there. Therefore, I don't go out and shoot cans and knock things over and shoot animals. Because I don't believe in that anymore. A lot of people still do. They've got some sending to do. But the second amendment. If you think about it was created to cause division. And it does. You can see that you can hear that it's never going to go away. And I would happily give up all of my firearms. But society would have to change. And those asking for back would have to have a better motive than the current motive which is to control people more and more and more it's all aside for right now the only thing keeping us semi free, and we're only semi free in the United States is the second amendment. Can you imagine where we would be without it. But as much as I believe in that philosophy. I also believe in the philosophy that is used to create division, and a does. And in the ultimate society. It wouldn't be needed. It's something that's not needed. Because people don't have to fear any of this anymore. There isn't going to be people going hungry. There isn't going to be people fighting over gods or land or food or water or air or oil or all these stupid stupid things. We're currently fighting over. So I guess that's what I had to say in the second method. Am I an advocate of it right now 100%. Would I ever give up my, my firearms right now. Absolutely not. But in the perfect society that we need to go into. We don't need a second minute. No one needs a fire. Have a good day. Love you all. Bye.