Morning. Excuse me. Good morning, folks. Yes, I'm doing my walk and again this is when I get most inspired. I want to talk to you about something which is very important, excuse me for one second. And you probably never heard of it. Yeah, you're supposed to. But yeah, you need to do your research on this. It's called agenda, 21. I can kind of surmise what agenda 21 is, you're not going to like it. But agenda 21. In a nutshell, was imposed by the Clintons the Obama's, the bushes. 27 years ago, through the United Nations agenda 21 his purpose was population control of the United States. Now, when I say population control. I'm not saying this in a nice way. Okay, the ruling class, the creeps. The Cabal believe that our population on this planet has grown, about two fold too much. And it is there, meaning of life it is their purpose, because they are the elite. I hate every one of them, and I can't wait till they're taken over and orange jumpsuits and their elite their purpose was to decrease the population on this planet by about 50%. And, yeah, decrease the population you get the point. Okay, not going to ship us to Mars or the moon, decrease the population by about 50%, do you think the movie, let's say, The Walking Dead is really that far out of reason, yeah people coming back to life after they die. Yeah. Okay, a little bit bizarre. But look at what it is about. It's about specific population groups in an apocalyptic world. Yeah, they fight and war amongst one another, not a good thing. But it was about depopulation, they told us, eight, nine seasons of this movie, folks. Don't you see what they're saying to us. agenda 21. The selling out of America. It was in the works, folks. It was being done right under our nose.And guess where we were supposed to go.We were supposed to go to FEMA camps where they have bought millions of caskets. Do your research, they're there, it's there. Guess what else they had at these FEMA camps. For what reason, only I could speculate. A teens. Who are they thinking about using these on. You know who it was a FEMA campis nothing more than Auschwitz,
but a little bit more humane maybe instead of being burned alive, your head chopped off. That's where we were supposed to end up folks. But here's where the sinister part really starts, and you can start putting two and two together. Okay. It starts with them abolishing our Second Amendment and look at who is after our Second Amendment right now, the left wing, the democrats the Cabal. They can't enact this policy with armed citizens, they can't do it, because you chew them at the door, or at least fight back. So their first step is to abolish the Second Amendment. And then when they come knocking on the door, just like Nazi Germany. They dragged people out the detention camps, ie FEMA camps, you're done. We're done. This is extremely important folks we can't lose our Second Amendment, with the current presidency, we won't, but what's going to happen in five years from now, there's what scares me. What's going to happen five years from now. If one of those idiots. On the left, gets in. It's not going to be good folks but let's get back to the point I digress. Agenda 21 was about population control. The ruling pricks Excuse me, is cabal Excuse My French believe they have the right to rule this planet. And they didn't like the population being 50% larger than it should be. Oh, yes. And if they didn't pick us off, drag us into FEMA camps. They wanted this obliterate most of us through nuclear destruction wars and North Korea wars in Iraq and by the way, this where they would be when all this nuclear fallout. They be in their dumbs their deep underground military bases set up just for them, so they could live their lives happily for 20 or 30 years or whatever it is, and then come out of hibernation and pick up what's left on the face of the earth.This all planned out folks. I'm not being crazy here I'm not being left wing I'm not being, don't, don't even go down the conspiracy theory. Okay, do your research on these FEMA camps. Yes they do exist. Yes, they have bought millions and millions and millions of of caskets, yes, there was guillotines and Oh yes, by the way, those that would own or run the FEMA camps were not American citizens they were un soldiers, Chinese, Japanese Russians around the world. Folks, the United States was being sold out, as well as the rest of the world. Agenda 21, the ruling class wanted the rule everything through the New World Order. Let's think about that term NWO. Hmm. I've seen that before somewhere. You know there's people that watch this. Pro Wrestling thing which you know, you might call it. You know pro acting but whatever. Did you know these these people put their, their bodies on the line. But look at the crowds that are attracted to that thousands and thousands and thousands of people. Yeah, there's a lot of reasons why but one of the things that they pushed through that. I remember explicitly this thing called NWO New World Order. Yep. And guess what the New World Order was folks agenda 21. Again, you and me don't fit into the picture, only thing we would fit in, it was a casket. Okay, we're not part of this new world order were to be exterminated were to be removed. So that the elite creeps can control what they believe was rightfully theirs. Now they're running like scared rabbits and rats jumping off a sinking ship and again I hope they all end up in an orange jumpsuit and get animal real fast that getting all can't happen fast enough for me. But think about it. Think about what's going on here folks use your brain do some research on this agenda 21. The Clintons were complicit, the bushes were complicit. The Obama's were complicit in this operation, and it was being enacted as we speak. Amongst monkey wrench was thrown into the mix. And that monkey wrench was called Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump. He stopped it. Okay, you've got to get your head out of your ass folks, and you got to start looking at things for what they really are. Oh, they wouldn't do that or they wouldn't lie. They're lying to you. The media is lying to you every second of every day. They're poisoning our water they're poisoning our food. They're poisoning our air. They're poisoning our children. Everything folks, everything. They're trying to enact agenda 21 because they are the rightful owners of the planet. So they think, and they should decrease the population by two fold, 50%, and they've acted it and they've given it a try. So we need to be aware of this, again, like I said, what's going to happen in five years one of some creep from the left comes in and sides reenact agenda 21, they hide this so you don't see it, just like they hide things and bills that you never see okay they're good at hiding lying, cheating, stealing. They're losing control they've got to lose control they've got to come down. Do your research folks in agenda 21 and wish I had better news for you. It's not pretty. You never think would happen here but it almost did very, very close. If the which would have gotten in. It had been at your doorstep folks, and you know as well as I do that have been knocking on your door for you to give up your guns. And that's the first step to annihilation right there. So, it's important. Do your research. Think for yourself. Don't listen to what you hear on that stupid TV. Don't listen to what your church tells you don't listen to what your friends tell you. Think for yourself. You may listen to all these ideas, take them all in. Find out what you believe in, find out what you see and not what others want you to see in here. And I've gone over and over that exact point here on this site. because if there's one thing this is about. It's about enlightenment. It lightened means, take your head out of your ass. Think for yourself for the first time in your life. And this stuff starts just falling into place. And it's as clear as the nose on your face. So please, I implore you to do your research, think critically and think for yourself. I'm going to stop talking now. Thank you. I'm being sensored on YouTube video's so go to this video and check out some great information about Agenda 21: