Good morning, folks. Today I'm doing my walk again where I can think the best. Oh nature. The trees are changing their beautiful oranges and reds, some greens mixed in the leaves are falling it's a beautiful time to be alive, but then isn't every day. I had mixed emotions about even going down this avenue on this website. This website was about self help self enlightenment, understanding why you're here for each and every one of us. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that going down this rabbit hole which I'm about to do is about self enlightenment. It is about knowing who you are. It is about seeing reality, it is about taking your head out of the fog and opening your eyes for probably the first time in your life. So, I've created a new sub group called. Here we go, politics, and I want to help people understand my goal, and the main goal of this entire website is to help people understand. And for me, this flagrant violation of people's rights and what's going on on that stupid TV is an obvious, obvious show of where we are today. So let's go down this rabbit hole. Without digging ourselves too deep and talk about a few things. And I will expand upon this as time goes on, so forgive me if I put a lot of subjects into one, because I really can't think of a path to take this.
We're talking about the person, the United States so this is going to call the President and I. Mr. Trump. You might not like him. Yeah, he's rich. Yeah, he's not a great speaker. Yeah, he's a little bit arrogant. Yes. Okay. And I say so what. So what becomes the car. So what that does not have anything to do with the way he governs or what he does. Sorry another car. Okay. Yeah, he is all of those things. But yes, in my lifetime of 64 years, except for maybe john f kennedy when I was just a baby. He's probably the best president, we've ever had. The President, that's looking out for that people.    Here's what he's doing.

You might not like it. But what he's doing. And here's what I want people to wake up to, is he's destroying the swamp and when he calls it the swamp. This is what he means the corruptness that has infiltrated our government, and every aspect, and every department known. The evil, that's in there and it's been in there for so long.

These group of people, these evil people that have quote unquote drank the kool aid of the controlling cabal and became the Cabal puppets. They're everywhere. The only one you can really trust is President Trump. But he's trying to clean house and get rid of them. And they're running like a bunch of rats off of a sinking ship. They've been in control for so long. They control every aspect of our lives. And I've said this in podcasts before they control what we think, how we think. What we know what we don't know what we think is right what we think is wrong. What we see what we don't see what we hear what we don't hear. They control every aspect of our lives. And right now, in the political arena today. They're trying to manipulate that control to get rid of the president because our president is close to outing them once and for all, getting them out. And all of their cronies with

them. Why do you think people, high ranking

people are just resigning out of the clear blue. They're crooked. They're crooked. They're either working for the Cabal part of it, or they're compromised or they have blackmail on them, I don't know, all of the above. But folks take a look at what's going on. Okay, a fifth grader could understand these, not so subtle innuendos that are going on in the left about whistleblowers and you see they're pulling out all the little stops and they're just pathetic. They're pathetic grasps at maintaining their control over you and me. And America. And Trump is putting an end to it, he is truly draining the swamp. Now, how many corrupt people are in there, there's probably a lot left to because this has been going on my entire life, and probably 100 years before that. This is well entrenched. All of a sudden, you have this thing about whistleblowers out there. Okay, whatever it kind of over masks. The Jeffrey Epstein stuff which was extremely important. kind of put that to sleep that you don't see hear anything about it anymore. But it's still important. You'll notice with the controllers. What they do is every two or three months, there's a new narrative, when something bad comes out, they create another narrative, whether it be a shooting. Season a weather disaster, something to cover up the last narrative soak is put away. Okay. Now, I'm gonna say this about this mainstream media. 100% 100%. I'm not saying 99, I'm saying, 100% of what you see in here on TV is false. It's created. It's operated by this cabal. And they're creating a narrative they want you to believe. And here's the point folks. You don't have to believe it. You got to get your head out of the fog. You got to start thinking for yourselves. You got to stop, allowing others to think for you and to tell you what's right and what's wrong. Okay, this is the point for this whole this website but this podcast is think for yourselves. Think for yourself step outside the box. Get rid of all the brainwashing get rid of everything you've been told and everything you know it, look at it in a realistic way. Okay. I'm outside the box now let me look at this from all sides and all angles, with no biased. Your turn that TV. You watch that. Any news channel on that TV you watch any movie on that TV, anything, it's biased, and it's producing a narrative that they want you to fall into, so they can get control you even more. It's all about control folks. I've said this on this, this site for a long time. This is about control the Cabal is control over you and me and everyone keep us stupid. Keep us segregated keep our heads in the cloud. So we don't think for ourselves. And that's what I want you to stop. Stop and think for yourself. Now, if you truly get your head out of the clouds, and you're truly are thinking for yourselves, and you're still like president well that's fine. But don't allow somebody else to make the decision for you. You make it for you understand that these people that are Antica. You know, they're funded by George Soros left. Okay. Most of these people that are protesting and during these Trump rallies are funded by the left. Again, control, to make you believe there's all these people out there that hate the president. These people are running scared. They're like rats sinking off running off the end of a sinking ship, because their ship is sinking. President Trump is the reason it's sinking. If he wasn't there.

Right now people be knocking on your door to take away your second amendment amongst a whole host of other things. And those people knocking on your door would probably be from the United Nations. So think about that. That's all I'm saying. Use your own discernment. Use what God gave you between your ears. Don't allow others to influence your thinking. And then many you turn that TV on the minute it turns on. You are being influenced until you get to a point where you realize how deep and entrenched this influence really is, then you can read between the lines and see just what's going on. Okay, again, what's happening today with this whistleblower farce is like something a fifth grader would do. It's so ridiculous. And I, for 1am a little bit disappointed that people don't see this well maybe they do.

Okay,    maybe they do, and I hope we all do. See this for what it is and then when this is done, there's going to be another one that's done, there's going to be another one that's done, there's going to be another this is never going to end for four more years. And the radical democrats are never going to work with Trump for four more years. They're a bunch of hypocrites. Here's one. They don't want to help with the wall the border,

but yet Nancy Pelosi, lives in her   $3 million home with a wall around it and armed security guards. I mean come on you hypocrite.

What a creep.   That's what they are. Don't let them create the narrative for you to think. Don't drink. The Kool Aid any more.   I'm going to stop talking now.

Don't drink the Kool Aid. Use what God gave you use your own discernment. Look outside the box.

Thank you. Good day.