Morning folks, this podcast. I want to call. Are you afraid of being alone.
We've all experienced this throughout our lives, because we've been told since the womb, that we were to be with somebody. We start off being in a family we become dependent on that family as a child to sustain our life. And that's the way. Nature is. And then as we get older we move on to the home, but that point we've been told that you're now to raise a family or to get a wife or a husband, and to raise a family.

And then you're to raise those children so they become better than you. Ideally, and life goes on, it kind of stops at that point. Once the children are out of the house. Now what do mom and dad do they look at each other and go, huh. Who are you, but the point I'm trying to make is we've been told our entire lives we've been told in high school, we've been told in grade school have been told as children.

Everything we do in this world. In the ideal world, is to have a partner a spouse to do it with. Now I'm not advocating that Trump, don't get me wrong here. I'm not advocating that it's wrong. But I know many people including myself, who have pretty much spent 40 plus years of their lives, not being alone, not knowing who I was as a person.

Wondering always who I was, what was I here for, what did I really want.

And it was hard when it got to a point when I got divorced. And I had five or six other people in my lives over over 10 or 15 year period.

And I finally turned about 16 years old. And at that point, I was truly on my own, by myself. It was very, very, I hate to use the word scary, but it was scary because I pretty much had never ever experienced anything like that. And this is probably commensurate with the majority of the people in the world today. People that are alone are logged on as odd strange. Why didn't he or she ever get a husband or a wife, there must be something wrong with them.

And inevitably there's really nothing wrong with them. This is how they like to live their lives. I truly believe that everybody at some point in their lives should understand who they are. And the only way, or the easiest way to do it is to be alone.

So only person that you're taking care of is yourself.

Yet, you have no other responsibilities at this time it's just you. Your inner thoughts and your inner being, you have time to sit and think about who you are and what you are. I think everybody deserves a chance to do this. A lot of people probably will disagree with me.

And there's been a lot of people who've had 70 years of good marriage and they've gone on together. God bless them. I think that's good. But I also think, and wonder if those people knew themselves, or if they were just so enamored with being married for so long, or having a partner in their life that they know new other, I'll try it again. They did not know any other way .So this was second nature to them.

And they just went on with life. So it makes me wonder why don't people try this. Well, because they've been told their whole lives that people that are alone, there's something wrong with them. They're a little bit odd.That one was never married. Ooh, something must be up they might, they must not be able to get along with people.

You know it has nothing to do with that. And then when as you get older, society says Well, here's the old adage, quote unquote. Do you want to die alone.

It's a scary thought no one wants to do that, you know, nobody wants to do that. But in the end, when we pass. Are we not truly all. At that point, we're alone, but then immediately after we're back with our family. So we're never really alone. Even if there's not a partner in your life at that time. We're really never, ever, alone, and we never ever will be alone.

That's what people have to understand. I don't need that other person to figure out who I am and to define my life. I want to know who I am, and I wanted to find my life.

And again, like I said initially, this is, this is tough because I know there's a lot of happy people that have been married their entire lives and you know God bless them good for them. But if you're not one of those people, and you want to find out who you are as a person. Take the time be alone.

And it'll take a long time especially when you get up into my age, it'll take many many years of being alone for you to start finding out what makes you tick.

What makes you happy, what truly makes you happy, because that's why we're here to be happy.

So, are you afraid of being alone.  If you say yes, figure out why you're saying yes. If you are alone.

Now's the perfect time. This is a time set aside for you to define you. Use it wisely.

Use it wisely.