Hello, today I want to create an article called AI and the human race. There's been lots of news about artificial intelligence and human beings. And what is going on in the population today. If you look at artificial intelligence, it's in its infancy at this point, with smartphones, etc, and smart watches. But the ultimate goal for those powers to be, are to get everybody directly wired to the network, in their brain, through their skin, with implants. And when they control the narrative, they control everything. David, I said this really, really well. There's a few stages that artificial intelligence takes. And I'm gearing this article to the younger generation, because they are the ones that are going to be faced with this dilemma. The older generation obviously will come and gone. But if you look at society today, there's three different stages. There's a handheld, artificial intelligence, the laptop, well, not so much laptop, notebook, and smartphone. And almost everybody's got a smartphone. Today, go to a mall, go to a restaurant and go to a sporting event. And I will guarantee you 99% of the people have their heads down looking at their smartphone. More so the younger generation, yes. So they've started, they've implemented the handheld AI really, really well. Next is the wearable AI. And they're starting the implementation of that Fitbit, smart watches, smart glasses, the goggles, smart glasses, and the younger generation is being exposed to this and buying it hook, line and sinker. that's step number two. Step number three is their ultimate goal, implants. And it's even happening in Sweden, where people are becoming micro chipped. They're going to push this narrative that things are so great. And if you just implant yourself and put it in your brain, you can connect directly with the AI servers and life will be so much better for you. Well, life won't be better for you, folks. You might have more access to items faster than you would normally. But understand this. Those that control the AI structure control the narrative, they control you if you're implanted like this. It's not a good thing. Not good things can come with this. This is a bad scenario. Am I against handhelds are no, they're all good, up to a point to understand where that point ends, when you start implanting people microchips into people's brains to connect them with the AI servers. So they won't have to pull out money to pay for something or they can instantly access data. That's when it gets bad. But that is unfortunately, the road we're going down right now. And we can see it happening. Once again. David ickes explains this really, really well. And I give him kudos into some of his research. You can listen to some of his topics, but he explains it. But I thought I'd bring it out. And I'm warning the younger generation right now, because they're the ones most vulnerable to this, because they're the ones going to grow up in this society of micro chipped AI,

server technology. And it's not good, folks. It's not good. Once we get that, or someone gets chipped, and they can connect with the server. Well, now you're just opening you, your lifestyle, your brain, everything you think and due to someone else's whims, those that control the data. And we all know who controls that. So go out, look at people look at the amount of people with their heads down. I go to a beach where it's beautiful out, it's sunny, it's blue skies, beautiful water. And what are the younger generation? What are they doing? They're sitting at the beach with their heads down, looking at their smartphones. They've totally forgotten about nature and what's around. They're wired to that smartphone. And it's being pushed, the narrative is being pushed every day. Got to have the biggest and the best data have the fastest and the best. Folks, wake up. Wake up and see what is being done to you. Wake up and smell the coffee here. This is not a good trend, and it needs to be stopped. Once again. I'm not saying all off smartphones. No. But you have more of a life than that phone. Yeah, this phone right now is making my dictation easy. I like that. But when I'm done with it, I'm putting it away. And I don't want to be bothered. It has its place. But when it starts taking over your life, that's the goal that it needs to stop should never go that far. We need to realize it for what it is before it gets there. Thank you