Good morning, folks.I am currently out walking like I always do and just 25 degrees. So I'm holding my phone with one glove on one glove off. Bear with me one second while I put my other glove back on. Otherwise my hand is going to freeze while I hold the phone.Just one second.Oh, that's better.Yeah.Okay, here we go.This audio cast is going to be called, are you a bird in the cage? And it pretty much parallels my last one about being in the box and out of the box.But I have a conversation with my friend this morning and I thought maybe this might be a better way to clear up the point I was trying to make if you didn't quite get it with the other audio cast. Are you a bird in a cage?Think back when we're children or adults.You go out and buy a parakeet he by cage. And the parakeet will live, I don't know, seven years, maybe five, maybe three, maybe two, whatever.But you have a burden to cage in your home. You take care of it, you feed it, you water it, you take care of it.And then set one point in time.The doors open on the cage, on purpose or by accident. And sometimes more times than not. A parakeet doesn't fly out that door. Because it doesn't know what to do.It doesn't know if it should fly out that door. its entire life. It was taken care of it was fed.It was in warm environment. But now if that parakeet steps outside that door, now it's got to take care of itself.It's got to think for itself. There comes the vehicle saw pause a second.It's got to rationalize for itself, doesn't offer wants to do that. Hmm, maybe I'll just stay inside the cage, or I've been taken care of my whole life.I've been told what to think, what not to think. what's right, what's wrong? What's true, what's false. What's up? What's done, what's left. what's right. You get the point. Oh, yeah, maybe I'll just stay inside the cage. I don't know if I really am comfortable thinking for myself. I i've been taken care of for so long. It's just easier to stay in here and just be taken care of. Here's a good example of a stay inside this cage. Now let the government take care of me because that's what I voted them in to do. And I know they take care of me and they wouldn't lie to me. They would take care of me and they would be trustworthy. They would never do bad things to me. Okay, so I'm just gonna stay here. Uh huh. They would never do things they would never lie. Look at what's going on folks in today's society, they would never lie. Come on, they've been lying since you were born.Sorry, there's another truck.So maybe I'll miss a little bird, and I'll stay inside the cage. But maybe, just maybe I'll spread my wings of stepping that last run, and I'll fly. And now we'll start thinking for myself. what's right for me?What I see is truth and faults, and not just relying somebody else to fill my brain to tell me how to think and what to think. Or do I want to stay in that cage and go through the life cycle of work by consume die, work by consume die, work by consumed die, lot of dies, but you get the point. Society the controlling structure wants you to believe that that cage door you were in is perpetually shut and willnever opened. So you have to accept where you are and what you are, and trust them to take care of you the rest of your lives raw.I'm here to say that cage doors perpetually open. Each and every one of us has got the ability to step in that wrong and spread our wings and flyand start thinking for ourselves. Get out of your comfort zone, work by consumed die, work by consumed die. I'm running in my, my hamster wheel so fast. And all they're doing is saying run faster. Make more for me.And you're stuck in this cage. You've been told that door isn't open. But we'll take care of you. So don't worry about it. Don't even think about going out that door. You don't need to. We're going to take care of you and will always be honest with you. We won't Screw you. We won't take things away. No, you'll always be taken care off. Hmm. How's that working out for you, folks? How's that working out for anybody? We're lied to or not taking care of were poisoned. The list goes on that cage doors perpetually open. All you've got to do is spread your wings.Step on it and take the leap.You know, the old leap of faith you've heard step outside that cage door. I think you'll be surprised what you see. You'll probably look back and go, Oh my God.That I really believe that.Oh, my God. Is that really what was going on? Oh my god. I was kinda my entire life.From the day I was born, I was in that birdcage, and I was allowing somebody else to think for me, to do for me, somebody else to take care of me. Somebody to save me.When in reality, all you needed to do is spread your wings and fly. And each and every one of us can do that. And the more people that start flying, the higher consciousness becomes, the more people start thinking for themselves,being responsible for themselves.The human race is just going to get better and better and better and start becoming what we truly are. Not this caged bird being told what to do, when to do it, how to do what to think what's right and what's wrong.But this this soul has the ability to think and rationalize for itself. Now when I say step outside the cage and fly, last talking to my buddy Today, I wanted to make a point clear, I'm not talking about falling off the grid and going to Alaska and living off you know, I'm not talking about that.This is about expanding yourself. expanding your mind. Starting to ask questions and see things clearly. You'll never see things clearly as long as you remain in that cage. But the door is open perpetually folks. That control structures going to try to make you believe that it never opens and you can't get out of that cage. You can, every one of us can. It is your journey if you wish to take it. If you want to stay in the cage work by consumed die. That's your choice. You have free will. I for one, I'm not and I hope the majority of people elect not to. So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna fly? Or you let them tell you how to live your life for the rest of your life. I say fly a little birdie fly. I'm going to stop talking