Hello Folks, hope you're all having a good "PlanDemic" and lockdown but this is something that I would like to bring out each and everybody. It's important to me. It's not about the plan demick and what's going on in this world but what I have learned. And I want to apologize immediately if I rub my nose it's running it's pretty cold while I sit outside so please excuse me for that. But the name of this video is going to be called. Are you living your life backwards. And then let me explain what I mean about that, because I lived my life backwards for a long, long time. We can live our life from the outside in, which is backwards, or from the inside out, which is the way to live your life. We're taught from a very young childhood that we live our life backwards. In other words, our life revolves around, who we are, our prestige age. What do you want to be when you grow up. Who do you want to be when you grow up. How much money have you got. How many cars have you got. How big is your bank account. How big is your house.

You see what I mean.This is how we were taught from the time we could think we were taught to live our lives backwards from the outside in. Gaining everything that meant us from the our exterior from the things we could achieve from the things we could buy from the status we could claim. Everything in this outside world. We tried to bring in to us and to make us happy. Well, it doesn't it doesn't make us happy.

Okay, give you a little background on what happened to me. 20 years ago, almost to the day. If you follow my channel here you'll notice I had a pretty good health scare. It was life and death health healthcare. And I got through it. For there was a reason why, but I got through it. And once I realized that I was over the cliff. I started celebrating life from the outside. I bought things to make me happy. I partied I celebrated. Because what I was truly doing was celebrating the gift of life again. But in the process of living outside in. I heard a lot of people with that celebration and I heard a lot of people. And I'll say this once and I'll probably will never repeat it again. For those people that I did hurt. It wasn't intentional but I am sorry, because I was using everything exterior to me to celebrate my new lease on life. A lot of people they get hurt. In the process, and I didn't know who I was, but I was grasping everything exterior to me. To make my life happy, that's living backwards. So I was given this life event by my higher self, and it was a wake up call. But it didn't quite go the way it was supposed to, instead of me learn looking within and finding out what's in and living life from the inside out. I did just the opposite. So, a lot of that went for a number of years I don't know the exact amount but six years ago, you can see in this channel my awakening, my higher self gave me yet another wake up call. And this time it worked. This time I learned while living life from the inside out. And it's not what's outside, but it's what's inside that matters. It's not what you've accumulated because you're not taking any that with you. You've heard me say this again and again and again, we're going to take our experiences with us. The next time around. For we are immortal beings, each and every one of us. We can't take anything physical with us. From the outside, but we can take what we felt in our heart, what we've learned on our brains with us and that will go with us forever. That's living life from the inside out, understanding that all of this. Everything we see, and we have, and we get is not going to go with us. It doesn't mean anything. In the interim when you're living from the outside in, you're not living your life the way you should then you do hurt people. I've never set out on a path to hurt anyone deliberately, but through my ass backwards living style. I did, because I didn't know what was here on the inside. I thought I could take everything on the outside that I've been told my whole life was important. And that would make me a human being a hole in here and it did nothing for me. The whole it was there was always there.

To switch that around it start within, and then go out. So I would get her to say that 90% of the country of the world, maybe not. Maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised, but I mentioned 90% of the people in this world are living life backwards from the outside in.

And they need to look within themselves, realize what they are, as an entity, not just here, but where they're going to be. Why did they come here, why are you here. You're here to experience life on planet earth and three dimensional reality.

You're gonna take that with you, but you're not taking anything else with you like to be able to take my Tea. Nothing else. And that's changing your life around from being your word egocentric to being self centric Yes. Remember your Eagle was there when you were young, to get you. Established in life but as you get older, then you'll keep saying, oh, get that new house, buy that boat buy that jetski buy that motors like all.

You don't need that. Your ego was fooling and need to start pushing the ego aside and say no no no no, I don't need that. So you're learning to become. I don't know what the right word is not egocentric but self centric I guess we can use that same thing as saying, I'm living from the inside out now, instead of from the outside in, which is backwards. So, you know, look at yourself, look at your situation. I realized after I've started living from the inside out that a lot of people that I had in my life.

They weren't good for me, because, again, I was taking me outside and trying to bring them into me. Instead of looking at my heart and seeing what was good for me. I don't have much left. That's okay. As far as friends and girlfriends. None right now.

Because I looked at them in the wrong way. And I'm sure they looked at me in the same way, because that's all we knew. But when life throws you a curveball or you have a wake up call. And you will know when you do, it's time to change that. It takes time, it takes work. We can all do it.

We've got time now don't we got time now. Why don't use it, figure out why you came here. What you're going to take away from here. Realize that everything that's out here really means nothing. It's all about what you've learned and experienced here, that goes with you forever. So
with that being said, I say to you, are you living life backwards. And if you are it's time to change. Now, websites down here somewhere. This is going to be on YouTube on my website in case YouTube besides the D platform my site for some reason, please like and subscribe. I need as many subscribers as possible I got one the other day but I need a whole lot more. I'd like to keep putting these up.

So, with that being said, I'm going to say to you. Peace. I'll talk to you soon.