I had a conversation today that made me think about this with someone. And we talked about mainstream movies and the items that are in it, and an item came up and this person said, I can't believe that that's on these movies and it's all over the TV it's in our face all the time, and I really, I really think it's wrong and you could tell they had a very strong feeling. They had very strong concrete beliefs about the subject matter.
And I agreed. But I also know that when someone has those strong feelings about something not taking away from their if it's truthful or not. But when you have that strong of a feeling, a red flag should come up, and you should say to yourself, okay. I'm not denying my feelings and my take my feelings are wrong or right. But when my feelings are this strong I need to investigate further and find out why and where it came from. I have seen things. When I was a child that were just not talked about. And today, they're all over. Mainstream Media openly talked about things. When I was a child that just were not talked about, and now they're everywhere. And I'm not saying it's wrong. The problem with beliefs, when you're have a hold a belief or a perspective that is so strong, and there's no problem having that, but you need to know where that perspective where that idea came from. You need to do some self scrutiny. Look back into your past. Where did you learn that this item was wrong, or why you feel so strongly that it's not correct. Were you taught it in school. Were you taught it by your parents. Were you taught it by mainstream media. Were you taught it by the church, where did it come from and why so strong. And then once you've resolved that fact. The next. And probably the most important part of this research is to understand. Do you operate with this feeling on an unbiased and not on an autopilot mode. In other words, we've talked about this in other articles. We have a tendency, as, as human beings to operate an autopilot mode. A lot of our time. In other words, just going along with what we've been taught and we've always known for our whole life never questioning it never looking into it, just operating on autopilot mode. So, when you're operating with really really strong feelings. Are you just doing it at autopilot mode and not thinking about it because that's what I was taught. That's what I was told. And then if you are, who taught it. Who told you. Is there alternatives. Do my feelings really have to be this strong about it. Once again, I'm not advocating if you have strong feelings that they may be that they're wrong, they very well may be based in very concrete in reasons. But when you have strong feelings about something. Make sure you're not just operating autopilot mode, and those feelings are truly yours from your mind from your thoughts. Not for what what someone has taught you or told you, just because they told you the earth is flat, doesn't make it flat. Good example. Always question everything. And if you find yourself, well that was an autopilot type mode. Well now make your own decision on what you think do you think it's right or wrong. You've got a mind. I've said it before use it. Don't allow others to make up your mind for you, or the mainstream media or the internet or religion, or school, you make up your mind, you've been given a wonderful mind, use it, turn off the autopilot. That's really what I wanted to talk about with with beliefs and perspectives and views. When you find something that you're very adamant about, and we all are. This part of being human, understand where it came from. That's the hardest part is to remember where did I get this feeling from. And then even more importantly, understand that you're not working at autopilot mode. Thank you.

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