Good morning, this article I'm going to call, don't fight the system. Don't fight the system.

And what do I mean by that?

I know many people, including myself, who try to fight the system, and all it does is lead to depression, unhappiness, chaos, conflict. And that's what the dark entities feed on our unhappiness.

And the more we fight the system, the more we lose, never going to beat the system, as long as it is as it is right now. And it won't always stay this way, the more people become aware of it. But as it is, don't fight the system.

You know, the old saying roll with the punches. Don't try to change the system because you can't collectively will be able to change the system someday but right now, be aware, get in there is that word, we've talked about? awareness. Become aware of the system  that we're in. Don't let it bother you. Don't let it bring you down. Don't fight the system. Don't let it ruin you.