Good morning. This article I want to call health and eating properly.

And the system that is what it does. Think about eating food. We all must have it society's created such a busy lifestyle for everyone that they have to work sometimes two and three jobs to make ends meet. They don't have the time, nor the energy more of the time to eat and create a healthy meal every day and cook a healthy meal at home. So they force us to go to fast food places in general, then if you look at fast food places in general, most of them are very unhealthy.

There's a lot of grease red meats, just things that are toxic to our body that clog your arteries and destroy our hurts. Plus, all the poisons that are put into the foods in growth hormones and insecticides. You know the drill. So they force us to go to these fast food places. We eat at these fast food places. It destroys our health, it brings our frequency down, and it shortens our lifespan, and it falls right into their big plan.

I am a vegan. Have you ever tried to go to a fast food place and eat vegan, it's next to him possible to do I know if you tried to shop vegan, it's next to impossible to do. Now you can go to some big box outlet stores and shop vegetarian. But you pay three four or five times more than you would for any other, you know, a non vegan, vegetarian or I guess it's organically grown.

So the jack the price. Now, in hopes that you won't buy it, they make it so expensive that you won't buy, because you don't have the money. So you'll go to the lesser item, which, once again, is full of chemicals insecticides girls hormones and everything else. So folks, stop and look at these fast food places and look at what they're pumping into us. And this is the norm. They want us to believe. This is what we have to do, because our days are so busy our work schedules are so full we don't have the time to sit back and look at what we're eating and do it healthy. This is this system they want us in folks. And I'm sitting across from one, and watching the cars go through the drive up in it's nonstop one after another after another. So we're well indoctrinated into it, but try to get out of it. Try to eat healthy. Cut out the red meats razors right bakery or frequency and vibration. This is what they don't want understand what they don't want this good for you. Thank you.