Good afternoon.
  This is my second recording of a different idea. I think it's much more relevant than my first idea. So I scrapped the first idea. And This one is going to be called when your heart talks. Listen, man. And This is going to be geared more towards men than women, because men and women think and act differently. As a man, I can only relate to the male side of it all thank God for females being able to relate through their side of it, because it's kept us in check for many years. But Here's what it's about men. Men think with their brain. They rationalize with their brain, their head, or we also call it our ego. Women rationalize with their heart. And 99.9999% of the time, Whenever your heart says is right. So men Start off behind the eight ball, so to speak, because we tend to think with our brains for center hurts Second. And in reality, it should be the other way around. That's why this article is called when your heart speaks, man, listen to it. Now, I want to cite some examples of relationships, because I think this is a perfect way to cite these examples. between men and women, Well, men thinking with their with their head and not their heart. And I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else. This is caught me many times, you see a woman, and your heart tells you right away a fact. She's too young, She's too old. She's got too much baggage. She's got children, things that are speaking from my point of view, you know, I don't really want right now. But you overlook that as a man, because the heart talking is very subtle. But the brain just over controls over what oh, that's okay. I don't care if she's got three young ones that I'm 60 years old. That's Okay. We'll figure a way around it. And inevitably, inevitably, in a relationship like that, One, or both people get hurt In The End, just because the man didn't listen to his heart. The heart speaking men, When a heart speaks, it speaks very subtly. And It doesn't repeat itself, like your brain will. It lyst shoot the idea out there, for instance, right? She's too young. And you will rationalize it away with your brain. And of course, things will not probably work out. So men, we need to listen to that subtle, Very first reaction. We're not used to that we're used to listening to our brain, that rabbit we'll just rolling up there. Our heart speaks differently. It speaks subtly, completely, but it doesn't repeat itself. It's only going to give you one indication, and one indication only. And we need to start heating it and paying attention to it. Because of I know what I do, and I'm sure a lot of other men do the same thing. You know, we want that. That brain type mentality where it just sits there and there's rambles and repeats and rambles. heart doesn't work that way men, It's just a slight  little bit, you feel it,
  It says it and it goes away. Where your brain feels it and continues on and dwells on it for days and hours and weeks and months. That's your brain talking. Once again 99.9% of the time, that first reaction female hearts, right man, And that's what we got to start listening to. it'll, it'll keep people from getting hurt In the long run. So don't just pass by or put in the back burner, that first reaction from your heart. Learn to listen to it as the primary as the primary advice unit, and your brain being secondary and maybe even tertiary. So men, If your heart speaks, listen to it. dummy. Thank you.