Hello folks, welcome. Here's what I've learned during my walk today. These things come to me and my walk for some reason, I don't know, it's where I have the most open mind and feel closest to nature but today's podcast is going to be called there are no shortcuts for life lessons period. And here's what I mean about that. First of all let me set a premise, we're going to discuss everything in linear terminology, we're going to discuss time in linear terminology, although it really doesn't exist, that's a whole nother rabbit hole because spend days about talking about, but we're going to continue to talk to you in linear terminology in other words, yesterday today tomorrow. It's, it's doing now and an hour it'll be one o'clock, that's linear terminology. Again, it really doesn't exist but it's a hard concept to understand but for today's topic linear works out good. What are life lessons was discussed those first life lessons are simple, say you're a toddler, and you put your hand on a hot stove, and it burns and it hurts. That's a life lesson. Or you fall off of a swing when it's swinging and hurt yourself or break your leg. That's a life lesson. Or you lie to someone. And in the end, somebody gets hurt, and you realize how wrong it was. That's a life lesson. And we're going to make believe today in linear terminology that let's say there's 100 life lessons here that you could possibly learn on planet earth as homosapien 100 honestly there's probably call us. But we're going to think in linear terms. Let's say you first life here, you learn 10. And then you pass, you go out and you come back. Now you pick up a life, life lesson number 11 and learn 11 through 15. You go out. After that life come back and you start a number 16 and you get the point. Remember, all life lessons, all learning all experiences. Always, always follow with you. No matter what, what life it is, you'll always have them. Obviously, anything materialistic cars 401k home. Money Sorry folks, none of that goes with you. And the more of these lessons that we learn in a lifetime. The more when we leave the more spiritually advanced we become, the more ascended we become. Okay, so we learn these lessons and we keep on going back. Let's say lesson number one through five, you came into planet Earth. And you were born into a very rich family and you had a golden spoon yet everything you'd ever want and you go through that life, you leave, come back next time you're gonna learn lessons whatever they were 10 through 15. Be there's time you come into a very very impoverished South African family, where there's no food, there's no water. There's no security, and you're gonna learn those life lessons. Third time you come back. This time let's say you are born into a family in the United States and you become a rock star. You learn all those life lessons. You get the point here folks. These are all life lessons. Okay. Eventually, you get to 100 of them, let's say there's that's the max you can experience on planet Earth. Okay. And you get to the hundred that life ends and you go, finally when they're full all those buckets are filled, you go back to source. Source takes all of the buckets you've learned the say again, simplicity sake. The most of you learned on planet Earth was 100 and you just you just experienced 200 open source takes them says thank you experiences and lives them vicariously through them wipes your slate clean and says, Okay, now I'm going to put you on into the Pleiades I'd take data, you're going to be come together. And now you're going to learn all of their life experiences, and this goes on and definitely. Okay, this is the karmic wheel of life. Now, here's the meat of this talk. When I said, there are no shortcuts to life lessons. The see we're here on planet earth and we're trying to teach we're a family. I'm a father and I'm trying to teach my children. The way to do things and to not do things that I did that I made a mistake at so they don't make the same mistake not have all the best intentions in mind, because I don't want my children making the same stupid mistakes I made, so why not. Tell them about it, maybe they won't. So, in simplistic terms, if they had to do one through 10. I'm going to tell them at step number one Listen, this is what you should do and you could bypass 23456 and go right to number nine, as well intentioned as that may be folks, and we're all guilty of this as well attention does that very well maybe. We are not doing our children, any favors, because now they just missed a whole bunch of steps that were part of the life lesson process, and they're going to fulfill them at some point or another, whether they come back 15 times to do it, or 100 times, but they're going to have to fulfill those steps that you just had them Miss because you didn't want them to make the same mistakes you did they need to make those mistakes folks as much as you want to help. They have to learn from their mistakes they have to have those life lessons to fill their buckets, so they can become more fulfilled. Morris ended it become that Yogi Master, I don't know, after reincarnation 5 million, I don't know, BC the point I'm trying to make that's what this is really about, as well as your intentions are, no matter if it's for your children for your, your siblings for your parents for your friends, whatever. We must allow them to make their life decisions, and even though we know they're going to fail, and they're going to make a wrong decision but they have to experience that. That's what we're here for. We're only here for one reason to experience to experience life. That's all we're here for. We're not here to make money we're not here to take things with us because we know that doesn't happen. We're here to experience life. And if you tell somebody a shortcut. And they miss a lot of experiencing well they're just gonna have to come back and do it again. So really, are we really helping them. We have all the best intentions in mind. I say no, no, you're going to say to me, Well what if you know somebody's going to do something that's going to kill them and take their life. That's a hard one. That's a hard one. I would say no I would tell them not to do it because I don't want to see them get hurt, but I think in the grand scheme of things, and I'm sorry. Please don't take me in the wrong way but I think in the grand scheme of things, you're best off keeping your mouth shut and allow them to experience. They need to fill their buckets just like you did. I know it's hard. It's a hard one to, it's a hard one to stomach out, it is for me to even say that. But let's step outside of that arena let's just talk something a little bit, non life threatening. Are you doing them a favor. Even though you're well intentioned and you don't want them to make the same mistakes you did they need to, because everybody is here to experience, and to learn all of the life lessons they need to learn to learn all 100 of them. And you giving them a shortcut. It's not doing them any favors folks. This is a hard concept that we've all been in it bred into believing. I'm going to help somebody I'm going to give them I'm going to help them, your help, maybe, and hurting them. So always think about that before you make any suggestions. I know my life is going to change and I know my thinking of this is going to change I hope it helps you to. I'm going to stop talking now because I'm pretty well winded. Thank you folks.