Hello. Hello everybody,

I am going to try to record both a YouTube video, and a textural part from my website. So both of these will be on there. And this is called. Okay, now what. Now what do we do, where do we go. So, let's get started with this as people are walking across the lake it's 40 plus degrees outside answer it's really really nice out. it's actually warmer up here than it is in Florida. Go figure. But I was listening to a very very very good researcher on YouTube. And I won't mention her name but she's very good. And she's been doing a lot of research and finding out how connected. Everybody is in this world as far as how they're richer connected to the rich and big corporations are connected to the rich, and they control everything under them us. They control the narrative, they control everything. And yes, It is connected, everything is connected, and it's not for our benefit focuses to keep us enslaved and keep us working for their benefit, and you've heard me say this. I wondered what is this young lady going to do when she gets to that point because she spends hours and days doing research and finding things out about this connectivity that exists. I know it exists, hope you understand it exists, it's there, it's been there for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Okay, it's there. So what's going to happen when she gets to that and that wall, where she realized, everything is connected. And it's all controlled and geared so we work to make them richer, and make their lives better. That's what it's always been. And they notice wearable she go from there. She reaches that wall. And she says, damn, everything is connected. Everybody and everything. That's where I want to move on. Okay, I want to go into the next step, because we're all going to get to that point where we realize that everything, religion, Big Pharma, the energy sector, governments, everything is connected to keep us running in that hamster wheel to make the elite richer and more secure at our expense. And it's always been that way, probably for thousands of years. Okay. When are we going to realize that we've been kept in a cocoon our whole lives and our life is in a cocoon, you're in a home with a ceiling, as far as we see when we go outside typically is the top of the light posts. We don't ever look up, we look down most of the time, we're in our cocoon worried about what are we gonna do tomorrow. How am I gonna pay that bill tomorrow. What time do I got to get up and go to slave. You know, I'm not advocating throwing this stuff away, but understanding it, and it till 51% of the people of this world, realize what's going on, and that their potential is so much greater change will not happen. But it takes one person at a time and that's what this is about. I hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears. You probably heard about the fifth dimension fifth density for Gaia Mother Earth, and you're gonna you've heard people say there's gonna be this white wave blah blah blah. No, Mother Earth is already fifth density. She says waiting for us to catch up and get there. And as long as we continue where we are today we're never going to get there until we get that 51 plus percent. We can't change our reality is we make this reality governed on what we believe are what we've been told, every day of our lives, what's right what's wrong. Yes No, up, down, left, right, we create this reality based on what we are told, 20 473 65. And this is what it produces a reality where the rich get richer, the poor get poor and slave, their entire their entire lives. I'm gonna say something a little bit out of context. You know, when are people going to get their heads out of their ass and see life in reality for what it really is. I'm not advocating advocating a change, but an understanding. When 51 plus percent understand what's going on here. Things will then change and tell them. Nope. Understand this entrenched system has been around for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years,

so it knows what it's doing. And it's got us in a box, walk down the street. Look at the people, they're all looking down and thinking about oh let's get to work I gotta make this next dollar I gotta pay this bill. I can't go here I can't go there I gotta get this guy. It's all control people. Again, I'm not advocating throwing it all out the window. But I am advocating understanding what it's doing to us, advocating understanding what's happening to us, that's step number one. Yeah, we can go down that rabbit hole understand how all this is connected and all these people in the back are connected. Well, they are. Okay. But that doesn't get us out, what gets us out. Is 51% plus 51% plus. of the population saying, I know exactly what's going on here. And I'm gonna raise my frequency my vibration. I'm going to raise out of this. I'm going to understand it. I'm understand this control structure which is here all the time.

I can point to a control structure mechanism. When I came up, where I'm at right now I understood that there probably wasn't going to be many places to go out to get good healthy food. I'm trying to eat as vegan as I possibly could. I had vegan for six months eight months and felt great. But I also understood when I got where I currently am that's not going to happen anymore and it doesn't, it didn't. I can feel my vibration I can feel myself going down from the garbage that I'm eating. I have no other choice at this point. But I can feel a change in me. And I think you could probably feel a change in you too if you weren't vegan.

So everything folks is geared to keep us in a cocoon, to keep us thinking this is all there is. But I'm here to say folks. There is so much more. And you need to understand what's going on. Get your heads out of your ass. I hate to curse like that. Wake up. You've heard it throughout this channel. Now I'm going to link these two together. This will be linked, you'll see a link here to my, my website, Mitch Meyer calm, this is also going to be linked to youtube so to be connected together, folks. We need 51%. It starts with you and me. I think I'm there. I need you to get there. Thanks, folks. Have a good day.