Good afternoon, I want to call this article of power positive thought. We've all heard it referred many seminars, and we've seen it on the internet, we've seen it on TV, individuals talking about how important it is to think positively. And I thought it was a good thing was a good idea, but I had a hard time enforcing it, doing it, understanding it, okay. But in my last few years, I've come to the understanding that this is absolutely the case. But it needs to be defined level, I think we, in our society, to not quite understand the logistics of it. The power of positive thought, I've mentioned this a few times, in articles on the site, that you get back what you believe, okay, if you have a good outlook on life, a true good outlook on life, which we gotta discuss, good things will come back to you. Hello, if you're caught in the old run of the mill, or what was me life is bad, or life's a bitch, then you die kind of a philosophy. Not so good things are going to come back to you and you're going to struggle, and you're going to struggle, and you're going to do this your entire life. But if you can get maintain a positive attitude. But let me define this a little bit further. Okay, having good thoughts. So good things come back to you. It's not simply thinking, Well, I'm just gonna have a good thought for today. And good things are gonna happen to me. Well, that's not really the way it works. Not only do you need to have the positive thoughts, but you've got to believe them, you've got to believe it from your heart. You can't just think it in your mind. And things are just going to pop into reality for you. It's got to come from your heart, like everything. Love comes from your heart. correct decisions and ideas comes from your heart, this is no exception, this must be heartfelt. For this to work, you have to know that life is good and beautiful. And everything has a reason and will turn out proper, because that's the way it was meant to be. So the key to doing this, and this may take practice, this may take months, this tape may take years to unfold for you. But your body and your mind knows, if you don't feel something truly in your heart, it's not going to happen. It has to be heartfelt. You have to truly know in your heart, that life is going to be good and everything is going to turn out fine for you. Just merely thinking to not make it going to happen is not going to just pop into existence, folks. This may take years of practice to get there. But you need to start somewhere. It's taken me years, and this is truly happened. I'm a living testament to some of these things. It does happen. It does work. But you have to think that and you have to know what you have to feel it in your heart. Not a false feeling. A true feeling in your heart. Good things will then come back. Good things will start happening for you. You know, there's been many people that have put on seminars about this exact thing. And they're absolutely true. But if you don't understand, if you just think, well, if I just think something good is going to happen. No, it's not. You've got to truly think it. But you've got to more importantly, feel it in your heart and know it in your heart. Know It, you have to feel that you know it. I have no doubt in your heart. And again, this may take years of practice. But if you can, and when you do, I can guarantee you, good things will start happening for you. So start give it a try. Put down that stupid smartphone. Start thinking about life and how beautiful things are.
  start changing your life start changing your heart.
  Get out of that continuous rabbit wheel of doldrums and what was me hate the life's a bitch and then you die philosophy or the glass is half empty. The glass is half full. That's what you should be thinking. And if there's exterior noises here I apologize for because I'm sitting by road in the hammock recording this as I thought about it. Give it a try, folks. What do you have to lose? Thank you