What is reality? Does it exist? Well it must. In my research and understanding reality exists in the matrix( more articles about this). That is to say that YOU create you own reality, each and every one of us does. If you have good positive feeling and thoughts reality will create itself for you in good and positive outcomes. On the other hand if you are caught up in life that just does not seem to get any better, all the bad things continue to happen to you, this is because of your mindset. You Expect no so good things to happen to you and they do. Look at it in this manner, "what you think is what you get". Now the sceptics are going to say here well I want a pot of gold and I think about it but it never arrives. OK thats a whole different principle you are trying to create something phisical and you and I are not genies. Creating YOUR reality or maybe we could say future is up to you. I have seen people with the "oh is me" mindset that thing will never get better for them, and they DON"T. Their lives are like a "cat chasing it tail" the bad stuff just continues over and over and over. They need to change that mindset. I know this may be a hard pill to swallow but if your one of these people what do you have to loose? It can only get better right? So try. Try this principle out as hard as it may seem for a month just think positive good thoughts, you know the "glass is half full" kind of stuff. You should see better things manifesting for you in the future. It works it just takes positive thought and casting doubt aside. Understand here is the primary principal that the "Cabal" has hidden from us since the beginning of time. They don't want you to know that you control your reality, and collectivly we can control the world. They want us to continue as we are, just surviving beliieving the old adage "Lifes a Bit*H and then you die" or "nothing in life is certain just death and taxes". We need to first take back our realities then as a collective take back our lives!!! And OUR planet.